Monday, March 1, 2010

Running Isn't Always the Answer

As shocked as I am to write this, I realize it is true. I came down with a cold over the weekend that foiled my plans to run on Saturday morning and this afternoon. This morning as I stepped on the scale I cringed, thinking about how I seemed to just eat and eat and eat the past few days. No worries, though, I am down another pound! I credit this to the fact that since I knew I wouldn't be running, I knew I had to watch what I ate more closely. That was one of my favorite things when I was training for my marathon; I ate whatever I wanted because I burned so many calories during one run. (But just for the record, I never binged or anything... it seems when you are really fit you don't crave as many bad things anyway.) I am so glad to see that I can use that same discipline in reverse.

So as much as I would like to credit all my weight loss so far to running, it is not the truth. The truth is that I have gotten to where I am (BMI of 23.7 or something) through drinking a LOT of water (at least 60 oz per day as often as I could), monitoring my food intake some, and exercising a LOT doing things I love (including volleyball, pilates, running, and walking). So what is my running tip for the week? Unless you are on a training schedule for a race, don't run if you aren't up to it. I don't usually get sick. This cold is the worst I've had in quite some time--I hope nobody here in the library catches it because of me!--and it has kept me from running, but not from sticking to a weight loss plan. You can always make adjustments to what life throws at you. We all understand that weather is unpredictable, so have ways to exercise indoors. Perhaps run on a treadmill, exercise to a DVD, or do any number of workouts that Alex has posted on here (like the stairs or Paso legs). For great abs, try the workouts that Sarah shared with us or follow online workout videos like this one that Lauren recommends.

The bottom line is that you always have more options for workouts than you might think. I always think of running first, but sometimes it just makes sense to do something else. So thanks to all my friends here on The Skinny who have shared excellent workout ideas. I'm sure there are plenty more that I didn't mention. Browse around and let us know what your favorite exercises are. Is it something we have shared or do you have a new workout to add to our collection? When you can't do your favorite workout, what is your fall-back workout?


Katie said...

First off, I hope you feel better soon, Em! I'm still getting over a bit of a cold myself and we had a bit of a snow storm here last week (luckily it's really beautiful and sunny out now--yay!) so I have been struggling in the same ways lately. And although I ended up just plain skipping exercise for a day, I knew that was the right thing for my body. Not being sick is such an important part of being healthy! I think I take that for granted all the time, but I sure am grateful that colds come and go and that most of the time we're able to do the things we like to do. :)

As for my back-up workout, it has been doing a round of Tighter Assets, but I think you all know that I've gotten a little sick of that lately, so, sadly, my back-up workout lately has been walking around stores, usually with my sister. Haha. I really need to switch to some of these other good (real) workouts you listed here Em.

Kathy Haynie said...

My backup workout is more stretch than aerobics - pull out my yoga book and do some poses. It may not get my heart rate up, but I feel so good and virtuous afterwards!

alee said...

Me too! I like to run and go to the gym and make my muscles tired, but sometimes I just have to take an extra day of rest and stretch everything out really good. Afterwards I feel just as good and I know that I am mentally more ready to return to my regular workouts :)

Stay tuned for my post this Thursday to check out some of my favorite stretches! (How is it that we are always on the same wavelength around here?)

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