Thursday, March 4, 2010

Walking in Circles: Into the Woods with Grandchildren!

Here in Virginia my son and his family live adjacent to beautiful green spaces with miles and miles of inter-connecting trails. (Actually, the "green space" is not really green now...there is still snow on the ground and the trees are bare!) It is still lovely, however, and while we have been here visiting, my hubby and I have enjoyed some great LONG walks in the woods alone, plus we have gone on multiple shorter walks with our two little granddaughters. Those shorter walks could never be called aerobic, but they certainly are entertaining!
This is what it was like:

20 minutes of preparation before leaving the house
A lot of actual walking
A little bit of running
Throwing snowballs in the stream
Helping Grandma roll a big snowball down to the stream
Walking on a log with Grandpa
Losing a glove
Admiring footprints after walking through a puddle
Holding hands
“How much further?”
Looking for birds in the treetops
“Oh, no, I think we're lost!”
Watching the squirrels climb the trees
A little stroller riding
Warming cold hands on Grandpa's neck
“Here's my glove!! It's a CLUE! We are on the right trail!”
Sharing the adventure stories with Mom and Dad

Walking in circles with grandchildren is never boring!


Kathy Haynie said...

What fun! And how wonderful to have a green space (with shoveled paths!) so close at hand. You are already getting these little ones used to the idea of having fun on a walk. (They are so girly in their dresses.)

alee said...

It certainly is a different experience with little ones isn't it?

Every time my niece comes over the morning jog not only requires extra time to get her snacks and entertainment but we have to cut up an apple in case we pass by any horses as well! (Not to mention the time it takes to convince her to ride in the stroller instead of running herself...she is probably the only 3 year old I know that has run an entire mile (of course she won in her age division!) )

Katie said...

Haha! Your title reminds me of Hansel and Gretel. Glad it was a nice, friendly walk. They sure are cuties!

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