Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Katie: Week 10

Week 10! We're gettin' into the double digits here people!

Current weight: 151 pounds
Last week's weight: 152 pounds
Total weight loss: 19 pounds

I'm not quite to my halfway goal yet, but I am so close I can taste it. I feel fairly confident I will be down to 150 by next week and that is super exciting! (Haha. Now let's hope I don't do a total flop and ruin my great celebration plans.) If everything goes as planned, you can all look forward to a celebration here next week. I don't really know what that means. But I'll think of something celebratory to do. :)

Now on to the weekly recap of my rules.

My rules:
1. No Sweets!
Absolutely NO sugar sweets/junk/desserts/candy/etc. for three months (i.e. until April 1, 2010). At that point I'll reassess and see if I can allow myself small things here and there or if I need to keep up the no sweets rule. I will allow myself the occasional healthy dessert, but it will count as a processed snack (see below).

Last night we had a bit of a "We're sad you're going away" party for my sister and her family that are moving. There were funfetti cupcakes with funfetti frosting. There was chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. There was ice cream. Everyone was eating it and was so happy. I sat in the corner. But I must say that the hostess at least knew why I wasn't partaking of all the sweet, yummy goodness and didn't try to force it on me. (Thanks, hostess. You make a mean chocolate cake. But you are not mean yourself.) :)

No, no, I didn't cave. But I can feel April quickly approaching. And I've been thinking a lot about how to handle desserts once April is here and I think so far I've decided just to tell myself "in moderation" and to basically interpret that as "not very often and not more than one serving of something." If I start seeing adverse effects then I will revise my plan. But as for now, Bryan and I have a Cold Stone date planned for April 1st. But probably we'll share it or something. I don't want to hate myself right away.

2. No Fast Food!
No fast food or eating out. Period. And if on the off chance I'm stranded somewhere or something and I have to get fast food I will order the healthiest thing.

No fast food here. Check!

3. Healthy Meals and Snacks!
Eat three healthy meals each day along with 2-4 healthy snacks, with no more than one processed snack (100 calorie packs, etc.) per day.

Sometimes I'm not in the mood for a salad, but I find that I always eat it if it's on my plate. And that it's worth the few calories from light ranch dressing to get the veggies in. Basically I prepare all of my meals into my dish at the counter and then don't reload. That is a really good plan of attack, by the way.

4. Fresh Foods!
Trade out cravings/impulses to eat granola bars and other processed snacks with fresh fruits and veggies.

I actually haven't been eating a ton of snacks lately. Not that I'm starving myself or something. I eat when I'm hungry. I just don't get so hungry in between meals when I'm drinking enough water and

5. Keep Track!
Write down everything I eat in my food journal (a little notebook I can carry around and keep with me).


6. Exercise 30 Minutes!
Exercise in some way for at least 30 minutes every day and write down what I did to exercise in my food journal.

I did end up just plain skipping exercise one day this week (other than Sunday when I always skip, of course), but I'm still getting over a cold and, as I recall, it snowed all day that day so... I don't care. It doesn't happen all the time, so I'm not worried about it. So there.

7. Drink 80 Fluid Ounces!
Drink at least 80 fluid ounces of water every day and write down how much I drank in my food journal.

Yes, I definitely did this this week. I had an all time record day of drinking 148 oz, but that's not normal. I had a really dry throat that day and I've been trying not to take meds since I'm still breastfeeding the big O. I think the water did its trick.

8. Balance Food Intake!
Enter the foods I eat each day into the Menu Planner on MyPyramid in order to make sure I'm getting a good balance of the foods I need.


9. Stay Active!
No sitting at the computer/TV for more than an hour (or one movie) at a time.

I was being ultra picky and down on myself last week. Today I'm not. And so, I say: this is fine.

10. Get out!
Get out of the house at least once a day!

Yes! And the weather has been beautiful these past few days! Hallelujah!

I hope see you all here with party hats on next week! Hopefully we'll all have reason to celebrate!

Have a great week everybody!

Oh, and those of you who guessed "Kathleen" are right--that is both mine and my mom's first name. ...Not to mention a couple of my nieces...


my name is lauren. said...

yay katie! so proud of you!

Kathy Haynie said...

Your plan is WORKING! Yay Katie! Great recap of your week. (I did chuckle under #4 - Healthy Meals and Snacks - which could be read to indicate that you are attacking lettuce at your house - ha ha!)

Lisa Lou said...

Hooray! You look really great by the way...

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