Thursday, March 18, 2010

Walking in Circles: The Photo Walk

Good Morning!

My walking buddy couldn't make it today, so how about you come along on a walk with me this morning? This will be one of my favorite kind of walks: A Photo Walk! As long as we're walking around in circles, we might as well add another fun element and bring along a little point and shoot camera to help remember what we see along the way. Today we're going to one of my favorite places: The local cememtery! First stop is my driveway...check out the great sunrise!

I don't know how you feel about being in a cemetery, but I think they are wonderful places. It's beautiful and peaceful, and kind of reminds me of a giant outdoor scrapbook of the lives of the people who have lived in my town. Every marker is a reminder and a testimony of the importance of each life in our world...they all say "Love" to me! So, I'll stop chatting now and we'll just wander around a bit, shall we?

The sun is fully up now, but's cold this morning. My camera battery is freezing, so I have to warm it inside my coat between shots. I love the play of light on the stones, the lawns, and the gorgeous blossoming trees!

It is said that every stone or marker has a story to tell. It would take a lifetime to hear all these stories, but wouldn't they be interesting?

Thanks for coming along today! Naturally, all the photos I took today didn't get posted here, but you get the idea, right? Next time you head out the door for a little walk...don't forget to shove the camera in your pocket!

Happy Walking!


Katie said...

I love taking the camera with me on walks. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us Dorothy!

Kathy Haynie said...

I love this cemetery. I have several favorite "friends" that I like to visit. There's one headstone with a cement truck engraved on it, several from Civil War vets, and I love the 19th century couplets that are on many of the older ones.

Dorothy said...

I saw that stone (the cement truck one) and actually took a picture of it, but didn't include it in today's post. The other side says, "together forever" and shows a couple sitting together with trees around them. I thought, "That would be nice for ours someday..." :)

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