Sunday, February 28, 2010

Feeling Happy

Well, this may not sound very uplifting in a churchy sort of way, but it certainly makes me happy.  You all know how much I've been lacking motivation lately.  I was sick of feeling that way and I'm sure you were sick of hearing it.  But I have some great news!  No, I haven't quite reached 150 yet, but it's almost as exciting to me.  "What?!  What?!  What?!" you say?  I fit into my size 8 shorts again!  YAY!  I think it was Marae who suggested getting out some of my old, too-small-right-now clothes as motivation and let me just say that, as always (except when she offers you kombucha), Marae was totally right.  It felt SO good to wear my shorts again, especially since, for some reason, my shorts are some of the more trendy pieces of my wardrobe.  And it's not like I had to squeeze into them, they really fit well.  They fit like they were supposed to fit.  It felt so good to fit into some of my favorite clothes that I wore them around all morning, despite my somewhat hairy legs and my little pooch tummy sticking out.  And I am happy to report that I do feel much much more motivated to keep up the good (hard) work and strive to get rid of my pudgey little tummy so I can wear my shorts with absolutely no misgivings.  (Well, I guess for that I'd have to shave my legs too, but that's not so hard.)  Anyway, I know this is all about me, but it made me so happy I just had to share it with you all!  Yay!

And, if you'll forgive me a bit of a longer post, I want to change gears here for just a minute, but we'll tie it all back together at the end, I promise.  My lovely visiting teachers were over this past week and one of them mentioned to me that she reads this blog and that she's super impressed with my progress and wished that she could do that too.  First off, let me just say that she is WAY busier than me with a kid who can actually walk and requires a lot closer supervision and, as I recall, she's still finishing up school (my utmost sympathy--I was so sick of school by the time I was almost done).  So this is not a guilt trip directed at my really nice visiting teacher.  But I do just want to say to all of you who read this blog and want to do better: you can.  I'm not some ultra fitness person.  I don't eat diet food.  I was losing weight and progressing long before I started this BYU study lifting weights (and I've only done that to supplement what I'm already doing).  It doesn't take a gym membership.  It doesn't take a personal trainer.  All it truly takes is commitment.  And there's not a person who reads this blog who I would think couldn't make the changes they want to make.  (Umm... unless you're pregnant.  Sorry, Anna. :)  Haha.)  I hope none of you would ever think that my mom and I are extra special in some way just because we're sharing our progress with you.  We really are just regular people (who don't really know what we're doing most of the time) doing our best to try and work toward our goals.  And if you don't know where to start, then you're in good company.  But I think if you sit down, give yourself a few minutes just to think about what you might be able to realistically do, you'll come up with a few things that can really make a difference for you.  And if you're too overwhelmed to think of things on your own, then let me suggest a few starting points:
1. keep a food journal
2. go on a walk once a day
3. cut out foods you're addicted to for a while
4. drink a lot more water than you're drinking now

It really isn't as hard as it sounds.  You can do it!  And I hope you all will.  Because then you can be happy like me when you start fitting into your favorite shorts (or whatever it may be that you miss wearing or doing).

So, to tie it all together, I'd like to ask what it is you're all up to that's helping you feel happy.
How have you been making progress?
What new things that you've tried are working for you?
What success have you seen in yourself so far?
What tips and tricks would you share with us?
What's your favorite healthy thing to eat?
Why are you happy you're working toward your goals?

I hope you'll share your answers with us so we can all learn from each other and feel uplifted and happy about each others progress.

Thanks everybody!  Have a great Sunday!


Kathy Haynie said...

It makes me happy to feel stronger and more toned. I don't get out of breath when I go up the stairs now. And I can ALMOST fit into some really cute red hiking short I bought at Goodwill in a fit of optimism last summer. It really is encouraging and motivational to try them on now! It makes me happy to know that I can stick with eating 1600 calories a day, and I don't feel deprived or burdened with constant calorie-counting. It makes me happy that today is Sunday and I get to go sing with the ward choir. It makes me happy that the days are getting longer and lighter (ok, I know that has nothing to do with ME, but it does make me happy...)

Thanks for a happy post, Katie! Happy Sunday, everyone! Happy New Week!

Richard and Emily said...

Yay Katie!!!! I'm excited for you! :)

Marae Lindsey said...

i hope they were favorite shorts! and i hope that if i ever see brawny again he is wearing his red champ shirt.

ps: if you would kindly retract the kombucha comment. it is one of the beverages i am missing most in ye olde england.

Katie said...

Marae- I am sorry you miss your yucky fermented mushroom juice with the floating fetus inside. Although I assume you were kidding about taking down the reference in the post. If not, please say so and I will take it down. But, really, people ought to be warned if they're going to take advice from you. :)

Lisa Lou said...

As I was getting ready for work this morning, I put on a pair of pants that I normal wear to work and realized the bum was a little saggy. I got excited and realized that maybe I could fit into a pair of pants that I've been hanging on to for when my thighs are...more toned. AND THEY FIT! Not perfectly, but they are not as tight as they have been the past two years!! I hear ya on the celebration time!

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