Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Katie: Weeks 50 & 51

Well, now, here's some unexpected progress!...

Current weight (Week 51): 130 pounds
Last week's weight (Week 50): 131 pounds
Total weight loss: 40 pounds

Man, oh man!  Sorry I haven't posted on time for two weeks in a row now!  I have been a busy little lady.  I always mean to post all day Tuesday and then somehow it just slips away from me.  Anyway, you may have noticed that I've gained back a couple of pounds.  So I'm just going to tell you the truth.  I haven't been watching what I eat or exercising a super great amount.  I love the holidays and I love all the food that comes with the festivities and I decided I'd rather work harder after the holidays are over than be cranky about giving up on good food and trying to be overly careful during this cheerful time of year.  So, sorry I'm not the best example right now, but that's the truth. 

And you know what?  I'm happy.  Not content to keep living this way forever and keep my pudgy tummy forever, but content to just enjoy the holiday season and then pick things up again later.  I am still going on walks when I can and I find that I still don't eat nearly as much as I used to, so I'm happy about that.  But with all that's been going on in our lives and some schedule changes we just haven't had time for a lot of running lately.  I hope we'll be able to pick that up again a little more after this week of craziness is over.  :)

And speaking of running...

I got some new running shoes!  I got them on a really great sale, so they were only $30.  Woot woot!  I've only been jogging in them once, but I've gone walking in them multiple times.  So far I like them a lot and I think they're better on my body than the old shoes.  And they're cuter than my old shoes.  :)  However, I am still having some soreness in the bottom of my big toes when I jog or do more intense walking in them.  Maybe it's my old orthodics in my new shoes?  I'm not sure.  But either way I at least feel better about having some new tread and a little more space between my feet and the pavement. 

Anyway, I am encouraged by the fact that I've been able to maintain my weight pretty well.  Since I haven't been watching what I eat and exercising as much I really haven't gone above 132 or below 130.  So I'm happy to be learning a little more about maintaining.  But hopefully after the holidays are over and we have a little more time (and a lot less sweets) I'll be able to work down to my goal weight and then maintain that.  :)

Oh yeah, and, just to let you know, I may or may not be posting next Tuesday.  We'll be with family and I'm not sure whether I'll be able to squeeze it in or not.  So in case I don't pop in next week...

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Take a Break!

This season is always filled with so many things- parties to go to, deadlines to meet, presents to shop for, goodies to bake, etc. I am sure that I could work on things 24 hours a day and still not fit everything you ever feel that way too? Well here is your friendly reminder to take a break.

Make sure you get a good night's rest each, or at least every-other, night so that you won't be "grinchy" during the day. The more rested you are, the better you feel- and the better you feel, the easier it is to make sure you get some exercise and resist all of those holiday temptations that you will undoubtably regret later. Remember that it is great to think of others this season, but you have to be a healthy you to do take care of yourself! Climb in bed early tonight and don't feel guilty about it! :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Friday, December 3, 2010

A way of life

Why do diets fail? In my opinion it is because they are temporary solutions to a long-term problem...treating the downstream consequence instead of looking upstream to actually fix the problem. We view "diets" as something that we are going to do for a certain amount of time until we get the result that we want...but then what? If you go back to what you were doing then you will go back to the way you were. The same holds true for exercise- you can't think that you are going to exercise until this or that, quit or cut back, and then expect your body to stay in that condition. Sorry, I've tried it too, but it just doesn't work that way!

What we need is not a "diet" but a "way of life" have to completely change your way of thinking to be able to get (and even more so maintain) the body you want. I know it is hard...I haven't always been so disciplined about exercise; I had to make up my mind that it is what I really wanted and my life- goals, activities, day-to-day routines- all had to change. Change isn't terrible and I don't really miss the way I used to be- it isn't like I am depriving myself of the things I once loved...I made a change for the better!

I am 7 1/2 months pregnant and this morning I ran 5 miles. Some people think I am nutzo, but it is just my way of life and I really haven't thought too much about it. My daily exercise has become a part of me and my day seems odd without it...and it really doesn't matter if I am pregnant or if it is raining or if it freezing or so hot and humid or whatever, I just do it because it is part of my way of life. I don't consciously think about drinking a ton of water every day, but carrying a water bottle with me everywhere I go is just a part of my way of life and it seems odd when I forget to take one with me.

So as we approach the end of the year, I want you to think about what your way of life is going to be next year. What are the things you want to change? What new things do you want to institute into your routines? Everyone makes the New Years resolution to "lose weight" but I want you to think about the habits you want to make and if weight loss happens because of them, great...if not, you are still that much healthier! Lets try looking upstream for solutions!

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