Thursday, March 25, 2010

Walking in Circles: In Funny Shoes!

We stopped at an outlet mall this weekend because I needed another pair of outdoor shoes. While trying on some nice practical ones, I noticed these "fitness" shoes on display and tried them on simply out of curiosity. They are so dorky looking, but I have seen them in many different places for sale and wondered what they felt like. Ken snickered while I laced them up and paced a little bit around the area.

"Oh my."
"Oh my. These are really something."
"Why? What do they feel like?"
"Woah. My feet are liking the way these feel. I can't describe it. Go find a men's pair and see for yourself."

Ken came back a few minutes later wearing the same brand and with a giddy amazed look on his face.

"Um...I'll get a pair if you do."

So now we both have some outrageously stupid looking shoes....but they are weirdly comfortable. Oh my.

UPDATE: This was posted on my home blog a few weeks ago, and today I've decided to repost it here and give everyone an update on how we're doing with our new shoes.

So here's the verdict:

We love them! Now, I only use mine for WALKING, meaning I don't wear them around the house or to the store, etc. Look at the bottoms of those shoes...they are rounded, and what that means is when you are just standing around, well, they make it hard to stand still. But for consistent walking, they are wonderful! My feet are still very happy when I lace them on and get moving. My legs felt the difference at first. Not in a bad way, but noticeable. Some previously lazy muscles were being called upon to move in a new way, and going uphill was more of a workout! (We have lots of hills around here!) I especially like that the design of the shoe prevents heel-striking, so each step is gentler on my body. Even though it took a little while to get used to my new shoes, I'm very glad we followed our impulse to purchase them.

While preparing to write this, I asked my husband for his review, and he simply stated, "They are very comfortable to wear." He actually wears his to work every day (He got a solid black pair) and says that because of the rounded sole, he feels that his balance has improved.

So there you have it. Two thumbs up for the Funny Shoes.

Have a great week, and enjoy your walks!


Katie said...

I'm pretty sure if I got brave enough to try them Sarah wouldn't go walking with me anymore. Haha. Just kidding. :) Thanks for the fun review on your shoes.

Kathy Haynie said...

Funny looking or not (I think they look fine - I've never noticed that there's anything different about you/your shoes when I've seen you in them)...your post today points up the importance of good shoes!

I wish I'd known when I was back in my 20s that I needed more support in my shoes. I might not be wearing orthotics today if I'd had better arch support back then!

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