Saturday, March 6, 2010

Kathy: Week 10: Play Days

Current Weight: 141
Last Week's Weight: 144
Starting Weight: 151
Total Weight Loss: 10 pounds!!

Today's BMI: 25.0 (It's almost "normal"...)

Well, as you can imagine, I am really happy to be at a weight of 141 this week. My scale seems to be working again!

Not only am I glad to be on track with gradual weight loss, but is also nice to be able to say, "I've lost 10 pounds since January..." casually throwing out that double-digit number...

Since we launched The Skinny, I've maintained a weight loss of 1 pound per week by eating healthy foods (in healthy amounts), exercising consistently, and drinking at least eight 8-oz glasses of water daily.

It's been a HUGE help to plan my weekly meals every Saturday morning before I go to the grocery store. In the past, I would have excused my sloppy eating by saying, "I don't have time to count calories--I'm just too busy!" But now, my "four 400-calorie meals a day" plan allows me to stay on track even though I work full-time, take a demanding university class 2 nights a week, and teach the adult Sunday School class at church.

But what's the point of good health if we're only busy-busy-busy-busy?? We have to build some fun into our lives, too, which is why today is Play Day at our house.

My husband and I decided to schedule regular Play Days for ourselves last summer. He was recovering from cancer surgery, which gave us a whole new perspective on our lives. We realized that our goals and projects, although worthy, were eating into too much of our together time, so we committed to spending at least one day a month together, just for the two of us, doing something fun.

Ahem: the play day rules:
1. Play Day is just for my husband and me--our time alone together, just the two of us. We love our friends and family, but we don't invite them to join our Play Days.
2. We put it on the calendar. We have Play Day written on our calendars for the 1st Saturday of every month, all the way through to the end of the calendar.
3. If something else comes up for that day, we say, "Sorry, I can't do that. I already have a commitment that day."
4. If a conflict comes up that we can't avoid, then we reschedule Play Day to another Saturday that month.
5. We do something fun!

What do we do for Play Day? 
Well, the inspiration came on our backpacking trip in August to Jefferson Park in Oregon.
Usually we're out with scouts or grandkids, but this time was just the two of us. 
What a wonderful experience!

Then in September we went out to the Oregon coast for the day. 
We stopped at a couple of different places and just played!

In October we went camping at Olallie Lake. Brrr! At 5,000 feet, it was a little late in the season. 
The thermometer said 29 degrees in the morning! But we had a fun adventure.

In December we hiked to the top of Multnomah Falls (this is a smaller waterfall along the hike), 
and all the way up and around to Wakeenah Falls.

Some months are pretty simple.
We have had a Play Day at home, just the two of us, getting everything all spic-and-span.

Or we might go for an early-morning walk along the river,
and get an Egg McMuffin at the McDonald's for breakfast.

What are we doing today?

Well, here we are right now...
I'm writing this post, and Mark is working on a project for his website.
Ha ha!

Later we'll go grocery shopping together...not too playful, but at least we're together. This afternoon we'll go to a baptism at our church, and then we're going to see the new Alice in Wonderland movie. 

Mark loves movies (and I usually don't), so this is a good way for me to spend some meaningful time with him. And I think it will be fun!

So you may be thinking, "What does all this have to do with losing weight and being healthy?" It has everything to do with it! Our tendencies to overwork and overschedule feed right into our sloppy eating and our lack of exercise, and the next thing you know...overweight. 

Be sure to schedule a Play Day sometime soon, just for yourself, or with someone(s) you love! And have a great week!


Dorothy said...

Love the matching laptops in bed! Hope you enjoy the movie. :) Let us know what you think of it!

Katie said...

Yay! Great job Mom! That is so exciting!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Kathy! I'm jealous of your BMI! Haha, I'll get there one of these days!

alee said...

So true! Nothing recharges me more than a Saturday run on a clear, crisp day with my husband! :)

We saw Alice last wasn't as creepy as I was anticipating. And I know nothing of the book or original movie, but it was entertaining. (That Johnny Depp must be out of his mind...he seriously has a talent!) Enjoy it!

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