Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Katie: Week 13


Current weight: 145 pounds!!
Last week's weight: 148pounds
Total weight loss: 25 pounds!!

Pictures: Week 13
Well, I know this isn't my usual ever-so-flattering weighing in outfit, but I thought I'd switch things up a little this week.  Also, Bryan was in a hurry to leave for class and I was still trying to get some sleep when he left, so we didn't take pictures this morning.  But no biggie.  These pictures were taken yesterday (Thanks Sarah!) and while this top and my jeans (that are so big on me now that I can pull them off without undoing them--please nobody try and pants me) do a great job of hiding the pudge that still remains, I think it's okay for all of you to see that I do dress like a normal person from time to time.  So, I thought today instead of doing my boring weekly re-cap of my rules I'd talk a bit about some good things we can do to make ourselves feel great without having to break a sweat (or the bank).  Today I'm going to highlight a couple of tutorials I've done on my regular blog, Notes From A Very Red Kitchen, that you skinny minis might find useful. 
First off, the top I'm wearing in the above pictures?  I made it!  And I'm rather proud of it.  Today is Part 1 of the tutorial--materials, measurements, and a tidy little hem.  This top is super comfy, nice and long, super light and airy for spring and summer, and hides that extra bit of pudge like a charm.  And while I'm all for getting rid of the pudge, sometimes you have to do what you can to fake it until you really do make it.  Because nobody wants to go out feeling flabby, me included.  The techniques for making this top are simple, but since it's kind of a lengthy explanation, I've split it into a couple posts.  Check back on my other blog throughout the week for the rest of the tutorial. 

Next up, adding pockets to exercise shorts!  When Sarah and I were out on one of our walks last week she asked if it would be possible to add some pockets to her exercise shorts.  I told her it should be fairly easy, so she dropped them off at my house for a bit of a make over.  One cut up t-shirt later, her exercise shorts are fully equipped with pockets!  You can follow the "Adding Pockets" tutorial to learn how to do this with your own shorts.  When I asked Sarah yesterday how her new pockets were working out, she said they were great.  And she added that it's nice to not have to exercise in baggy sweatpants anymore, especially now that the weather is starting to get nicer.  When she said that I thought how much I prefer to exercise in my more flattering workout clothes because they make me feel better and less self conscious, leaving me to concentrate on my exercise instead of on my clothes. 

I have a couple more fitness-related projects in the works and when I have tutorials up for them I'll be sure to let you all know.  It feels so great to be losing weight!  It's finally fun to make/buy clothes for myself again!  And I haven't felt that way since before I was pregnant.  Speaking of which, did I ever tell you all that my pre-pregnancy weight was 150lbs?  So I have been below my pre-pregnancy weight for the past few weeks now.  Yay!  Yay!  Yay!  Oh yeah!  One more thing!  I'm officially in the "normal" range for my BMI!  Whoo-hooo!  Best of luck with all of the wonderful goals you're working on!

Have a great week everybody!


Kathy Haynie said...

Woo hoo indeed! Yay for a cute top--clever you--and for losing 25 pounds!!! And even more, for making it below pre-pregnancy weight AND into "normal" land on the BMI. I am so proud of you, Katie.

Patricia said...

You've worked really hard to lose all that weight! You deserve to feel really good about yourself.
What in inspiration you are to so many people.

Marae Lindsey said...

three pounds in a week! good one. once again, love the shirt.

emmalou said...

You are a total pro! So has it been as easy or as hard as you thought it would be to lose 25 pounds? You look great!

Melissa Ann said...

That is so awesome!!! You look great! Hopefully I'll be catching up with you soon!

Becca said...

hey I don't know you. I found your blog through Erin Meck. So I don't know if you've had kids or are single or whatever - BUT just looking at your pictures really quick - YOU ARE AMAZING! Do you even realize? Losing weight is so hard. I have two kids and I have definite extra poundage going on. You are inspiring. Good work and keep it up! You look fantastic!

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