Monday, March 15, 2010

Oops - a correction

I guess this is a good P.S. to Emily's post - thanks for the cautions, Emily, about getting too wrapped up in the numbers game!

My post on Saturday contained a number error, which I would like to correct. Near the bottom of the post, I referred to the guidelines for a healthy waist's NOT 25" or less for women, as I stated. The website I linked to suggests 35" or less for women. Since then I've looked at other websites, and the suggestions range from 30" to 32" to 1/2 of your height (in inches).

The bottom line? Eat healthy foods, exercise about 30 minutes a day...and if it seems like you have more belly fat than is healthy, then take that into consideration as you make your life choices.

Oh, and what was I thinking?? I was 25, not 22, when I had those two darling babies...silly me.

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alee said...

Well I am relieved that, while my belly still has more jiggle than I want, I don't have to be under 25"! :)

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