Friday, July 9, 2010

Tasty Pineapple Turkey Burger Wraps: Frugal Food Friday

Hi All...I'm back.  Sorry I've been AWOL lately.  I've been busy with family reunions and crafts...and truth be told, I've been in a bit of a slump with cooking healthy, well-thought out meals.  Hubby is teaching a class that runs smack dab through the middle of dinner and bedtime...and it's been I haven't been very modivated to cook. 

I finally decided to cave-in and buy a bunch of hambergers and hot dogs last time I went shopping to feed the kids quickly when I'm too lazy to cook.  Not exactly healthy.
But never fear!  My kids won't be eating garbage all summer.  Instead of hamburgers, I found turkey burgers that are only 160 calories a piece and less than 1/3 of the fat of the hamburgers, but for the same price...$2 a pound which I consider a good price for meat. 
I didn't buy buns because I wanted to get them at a cheaper I'm not sure I'll be buying buns at all.  As I pulled them out to start cooking some, I noticed the suggestion on the box to grill them with sliced pineapple.  We don't have a grill or sliced pineapple, but we do have a frying pan and chunked pineapple, so a new favorite recipe was born.  My pan can cook two burgers at a time, but if you have a bigger pan or grill, you could cook more at once.

Polly's Tasty Pineapple Turkey Burgers
Cook together in a frying pan or on a grill
2 turkey burgers
1/2 can chunked pineapple with a little of the juice (I let the kids drink some of it and used the rest)
some thinly sliced onion, amount to taste

When meat is thoroughly cooked and onions are translucent, place burger with some of the pineapple and onions on some lettuce leaves to wrap.  Drizzle about 1 tsp teriyaki sauce over the burger and wrap in the lettuce.

Serve fresh fruit on the side.
As close as I can calculate, these cost about 75 cents each and are about 265 Calories for the turkey burger wrap (not including the onion and lettuce, but I don't think those add much), so if you're trying to eat 400 Calorie meals, you've got some extra room for fruit and/or salad.  You could also make more of a salad and cut the turkey burger into pieces and sprinkle on top of salad.

For the kids, I sliced their burger up and served it with the pineapple and onion on top of a lettuce leaf.  They LOVED them and begged for more.  I liked it as a lettuce wrap, but Hubby preferred his on a bread.

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Lisa Lou said...

Mmmmmm!!! I actually had burgers and grilled pineapple this week too! So delicious!

Katie said...

These look really good. I think I am definitely going to get turkey burgers next time we want to have burgers. Maybe don't tell Bryan. Haha.

Kathy Haynie said...

I love the idea of chunking everything up and turning it into a lettuce wrap. I will be trying this for sure. Thanks for being inventive in the kitchen, Polly!

Infarrantly Creative said...

I love lettuce wraps and I love salt and sweet together too. I will be trying this. Thanks the for great idea.

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