Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kathy: Week 13: In Training:

Current Weight: 141
Last Week's Weight: ?? (I was on vacation, remember?)
Starting Weight: 151
Total Weight Loss:  10 pounds

Ummm...My weight is back UP a pound...

But before we go into any of that...the pictures! 

Today I want to compare this morning with two weeks ago...

Here I am at Week 11.

And here I am this morning.

Am I just imagining things, or is there a slight difference? Even though the scale is up 1 pound, the tape measure says my waist is 1" smaller. My rings are looser, and I've started using the next-smaller hole on my watchband, which means that my wrist is 1/4" smaller. As Emily reminded us a couple of weeks ago, the numbers on the scale aren't everything, so what's up here?
I'm noticing that I feel stronger, that my legs and arms feel more toned, and that I have more energy. Why is that?? I think it's because...I'm in training!! Woohoo!!

Yes, dear Skinny readers, two week ago I signed up as a walker on the Goat Mountain Gallop! I was so inspired by Jen finishing her 5K run, and Alex training for a triathlon, and Annemarie running a half marathon that I decided to fill out the form and send it in. I keep saying I want to get more fit, so I might as well commit to it, right?

What is the Goat Mountain Gallop, you ask. It's a funky half-marathon out in rural Oregon - from Colton High School to Molalla High School, around and over an area known as Goat Mountain. The description on their brochure says that "It's hilly, by golly," and yup, it is. The brochure also claims that there is a net elevation loss, but you couldn't prove it by me.

This year the Gallop will be on April 17, 2010.

I walked the Goat Mountain Gallop in 2008. Boy, was I a novice! Thirteen miles sounded like a hike to me, and I have lots of hiking experience...

I trained for the event by hiking in the Columbia River Gorge. On the day of the Gallop I wore my hiking boots. I had a fanny pack full of water and snacks along with me. I thought it would be like a hike! Ha ha!

So this time I'll wear my trail runners. No fanny pack. And I'll train by walking lots of our hilly (by golly) paths and sidewalks here in Oregon City.

In 2008 my goal was to finish the thirteen miles, and not come in last. I did it! I'll be happy if I can accomplish the same goal in 2010.

So here's my training plan. I did some looking online at training suggestions. I'm on a short training timeline, but I'll make the most of the time I have!

Kathy's Training Schedule:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: work out at Curves for overall strength
Tuesday night: Yoga for strength and flexibility
Tuesday, Thursday: 3-mile training walk (increase this to 4 miles the week before the Gallop)
Saturday: longer training walk (today--6 miles, next week--7-8 miles, week before the Gallop--6 miles)
Sunday: rest, maybe take a peaceful stroll around the neighborhood

I'm also working on staying hydrated. I realized that I had slipped in that area a little, and I actually went up a couple of pounds...which promptly came off as soon as I made sure to drink ten 8-oz glasses of water every day. (Thanks, Dorothy, for reminding me about that!) Yesterday when I went in for my Curves workout, I was waaaaay stronger, and I think part of that was starting out well-hydrated.

I exchanged my wonderful Salomon Trail Runners (shoes) a couple of weeks ago, because the uppers were beginning to crack. Since I bought them at REI (and I'm a member), I was able to get a brand-new pair for free! I'm wearing them every day to make sure they are nice and friendly for my feet before the day of the Gallop. 

I'm wondering if there are some especially good energy bars that I should carry with me on the Gallop? Two years ago, the last 3 miles were really tough, and I think it would have helped me to eat a little something for energy along the way.

Anything else?? Skinny readers with more long-distance running/walking experience, I would welcome your suggestions!

Have a great week everyone! I'll update you next Saturday on my weight loss and health goals, and how the training is coming along!


Carou said...

Hey Kath~ Good luck on the training schedule. I almost signed up for the Goat Gallop but chickened out. I will cheer you on!! Remember that traveling in a car long distance will help you retain water so I bet you will lose the one pound very quickly. You and Katie have been very inspiring. I love reading about your journey and it is helping me get fit as well.

alee said...

I did a half-marathon last year (running/jogging) and my biggest suggestion would be to train on- food and drink wise- what you are going to have during the race. I didn't eat any food in my training...I just drank water. Well, at the race they had chunks of banana (among other things) at the water station and I grabbed one- big mistake. My stomach didn't feel great for at least a couple of miles...but I made it and all was fine. So I would definitely recommend eating and drinking while you train what you plan to consume during the race. :)

Good luck! I am so proud of you for committing to such a big race :)

emmalou said...

I agree with Alex. My running partner and I usually split a CLIF bar on our long training runs and we shared one during the race. I like those or LUNA bars. I just don't recommend the carrot cake flavored CLIF bar because it isn't as easy to digest--in my opinion.

Jenn said...

I'm glad that I was some inspiration to you, but please don't blame me if you get sore! I think that run sounds like fun--especially the hilly by golly part!
AND, YOU LOOK GREAT! Keep up all the hard work!

angie said...

Kathy, I could see a bit of a difference in the pix!! And don't forget muscle weighs more than fat so if you are feeling stronger most likely you are increasing your muscle mass. There are plenty of other weighs...he gauge your progress other than the scale!! Keep it up and congrats on your Hilly Goat Race!! ;)

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