Thursday, March 11, 2010

Walking in Circles: Why I NEED my Walking Buddy

Sometimes I don't want to go for a walk.
(especially at 7:00 AM)

Sometimes I'm extra tired from a night of very little sleep. Sometimes it seems too cold, or too wet outside and I don't want to deal with it again. Sometimes I imagine that I might be getting sick, or maybe my head hurts, or my muscles are sore from some other activity. Sometimes my heart is hurt from worrying over someone else's pain. Sometimes I think I don't need another walk because I just went on a long one with my husband the previous evening. Whatever the excuse, these are the days I want to burrow down under my covers and forget about going for a walk....

....but I can't forget, because someone else is waiting for me. I know that my walking buddy is up and ready to go and I don't want to disappoint her just because I'm tired and maybe a little grumpy and whiny. So I get up anyway, dress appropriately, and go to meet her with a smile on my face and an umbrella in my hand if necessary.

Then we spend the next hour bonding, while we walk, as only women can. These are good times...sweet times of reflection and observation about our lives and the world we share. The walk and the talk go together, and I realize that I really don't want to miss either one.

Have we ever called off a walk? Of course we have. Sometimes one of us is REALLY ill, or the weather is simply TOO nasty, but it hasn't happened very often. The only times we plan NOT to walk is when we are away, or a family event prevents us from leaving home.

You know what's funny? Many times through the years we have met in our designated place and after walking a bit we each admit, “I really didn't want to get up today...”. And by the time we have finished our “circle” we ALWAYS say, “I'm so glad we did this”. At the end of the walking hour I discover that I am warm, the weather wasn't so bad after all, my muscles are loosened up, my heart has been consoled, I don't feel as sleepy, it turns out I'm not sick, and I'm definitely not whiny any more. But I might be wet. That's what hot showers and clothes dryers are for.

Happy Walking!


angie said...

Love this post!! Having a work-out/walkng buddy is great!! I am truly blessed to have a few! Keep on keepin' on!!

Kathy Haynie said...

I can't wait to join you for a couple of mornings during spring break, and while Katie is here. Enjoy your walk (rainy) today!

Katie said...

Haha! I was totally NOT planning on going on a walk today. Just not in the mood and we have a few other things going on. But now I feel like I should. Perhaps I'll give Sarah a call... :)

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