Monday, March 22, 2010

Tri Training Part 3

Lisa for the triathlon in May...

Injuries are bound to happen. Our bodies get tired and hurt. I learned a lesson in this a few years ago when I was training for my first triathlon. I was playing a raucous game of indoor volleyball and went to spike the ball (I’m 5’3” by the way, that should have been my first clue not to try it) and jammed my thumb. Hard. I, in my prideful way, pretended that nothing happened. I continued playing for a little while. BAD IDEA. By the time I got home and put ice on it, it was too late. I Ace-bandaged it up and kept ice on it. The next day, I jumped on my bike for a morning ride and realized my thumb was so swollen I couldn’t use my break! When I tried to swim, the pressure of the water against my hand as I went through the strokes was excruciating! I was panicking! How was I suppose to follow my schedule if I couldn’t ride or swim? Even running hurt my bruised and swollen hand. Not good. I went to my doctor and had him look at it. Nothing broken, but badly sprained. I went to physical therapy for a few weeks and that seriously worked miracles. I wore a wrist and hard guard for a couple months. Luckily, by the time my triathlon came around I was 95% healed.

Lesson learned, if you have any injuries, take care of them ASAP! I went snowboarding last weekend and strained the quad muscle in my right leg. Not good. Even stretching it gently made me want to cry. I didn’t go to the doctor, but I have been resting and icing it this week. I’ve been taking the elevator at work, making sure it’s elevated when I’m sitting, gentle massages to break up the scar tissue. I’m going to be gently easing back into my schedule.

Have you heard of the PRICE formula?

P: Protection

R: Rest

I: Ice

C: Compression

E: Elevation

Always be sure to talk to your doctor if you're worried at all about your injury.

It’s extremely frustrating to have an injury, but even worse to make that injury worse by pushing too hard too soon. So be careful out there. Love your body, but know it’s limits. Stretch your limits, but do it gently and gradually. And congrats and good luck to Alex on her upcoming tri!


Katie said...

This is great advice. Thanks Lisa! I hope your leg feels better soon!

Kathy Haynie said...

Take care, Lisa! This is great advice, which often isn't included in "training schedule" advice. I appreciate the common sense here.

alee said...

So true. One time I went to my doctor with a pain and we discussed my job (standing/dancing all day) and my activities (running, living on the 3rd floor, etc.) and he just kind of looked at me and said "I think your body is telling you to take a break!" Funny I never thought of that...I figured something must be wrong but it was just my body's way of telling me I needed to take it easy for a day or two and then I was good as new! :)

And thanks for the good wishes for my tri...updates to come! :)

angie said...

hey Lisa Lou...i don't remember if i've commented on your blog before but i began training in January for my first tri this summer (actually two). i have learned too the hard way to listen to my body. funny, how it really can let you know what you need! i am soo anxious about injuries and not being able to do the tri's this summer. thanks for your "p.r.i.c.e." formula. easy way to remember! keep up the great work and check out my blog if you have a minute, ""

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