Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Katie: Week 22


Well, this is the bad news...

Current weight: 143 pounds
Last week's weight: 141 pounds
Total weight loss: 27 pounds

But this is the good news...

I met all of my goals!  100%!  (Click HERE for a tutorial on how to make your own goals chart.)  And I am very proud of myself for that.  Because it made for a busy Saturday, quite a few days where I went for walks when I didn't feel like it, and a couple of late night crunch sessions.  But it was all totally worth it.

So... if I met all of my goals 100% then why did I gain weight?  Well, let's just say that Satan was not off eating tomatoes.  I made cookie dough.  And chocolate chip muffins.  And... well, let's just stop there.  But here's the thing.  Sometimes I just feel pure guilt eating treats.  But other times, like when I made cookie dough from the recipe I grew up on, it totally made me feel comfy and cozy and happy.  (Especially since the cookies turned out and my cookies never turn out.)  It's so hard to balance nutritional needs with emotional and psychological wants.  Anyway, I'm working on it.  And I really hate to put myself under the rule of a specific treats regulation, but I just might have to do it.  I'm still undecided.  Mostly because if I say "one treat a week!" and then I eat my one treat, but then we go over to a friend's and they offer me treats then I'd like to say yes and be polite (and eat the yummy treat--hello!).  And if I know in advance that we're going to be having dessert somewhere else then I can plan accordingly, but sometimes things just come up in life that you can't plan for.  And I hate feeling like I've failed at my goals even though I would have been okay if I had known in advance.  Anyway, it just doesn't seem fair to my ego.  Any ideas?

As far as my other goals for this week go, they'll be about the same.


Lisa Lou said...

I find that I reward myself with food like when I ate my wieght at Tucanos after the triathlon... or I eat to comfort myself like that whole bag of cookies I ate after being rejected by that boy... food can be tricky.

Kathy Haynie said...

It's better to have a small occasional treat than to completely deny yourself. If you make a batch of cookies, take most of them to the neighbor, or freeze the rest...no that won't work, you could (I would) zap them in the microwave. Definitely take them to the neighbor. That way you get a treat AND you make friends. Yay!

Good job on maintaining your goals!!! Healthy lifestyle wins out over occasional naughty treats every time.

alee said...

It is definitely a slippery slope...I made this little chart for myself that has all of the servings of things I should eat each day and it has one dessert box per day- and I can only check it off once! Maybe I will upload my chart so you can see it....for some reason it really motivates me to eat the right things! :) Keep it up!

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