Friday, May 21, 2010

Experiments in Sprouting: Frugal Food Friday

I've heard a lot of things about sprouting the last few years and keep meaning to try it.  The nutritional content goes up a lot when you sprout things and they taste really good.  So I finally tried it! 

So far I've just tried sprouting wheat, but I think I'm going to try sprouting beans and rice next.  This is what they looked like after just a couple of days.
So we added a few to salad and they gave it a nice added texture.
This is what they looked like aftr about 4 days, so we added a few more to our salad.
I don't really know enough about sprouting yet to give much advice, but you can see Dorothy's post about sprouting rice here.  I've just been using a plastic container, but next time I'm going to use her glass jar/rubber band set up.

Next time I make it to Yakima, I'm going to buy some other things for sprouting like alfalfa and radish seeds, so stay tuned for some more sprouting posts in the future.


Kathy Haynie said...

Oh, I am guilty of saying, "Someday I'll try that," too. Thank you for the reminder! I really do need to do this!

Katie said...


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