Saturday, May 22, 2010

Kathy Week 21: Team Brad

Rooting for Alex on the biathlon today! Looking forward to photos and a recap of the event!

Kathy's Week 21 Stats:
Today's Weight: 138
Last Week's Weight: 139
Starting Weight: 151
Total Weight Loss: 13 pounds

Woo hoo! Down one more pound. How did I do with my goals this week?

I was awful about recording my food in a food diary. I am making way too many excuses. I'll try again this week.

I am continuing to visualize my stomach the size of my fist. That seems to help a lot with portion control, and with not wanting that second helping after all.

I did a little bit of running, but not much. I was really sore for most of the week, from the Dog Mountain hike last Saturday. On Thursday I did go to the track, where I went around 4 times. Walked the straights and jogged the curves. I'm just not very fast, so I'll keep trying.

Team Brad!

This morning I participated in a short (about 1.5 miles) walk with the Northwest Sarcoma Foundation. My husband Mark and I both participated, along with our daughter Julia and her husband Mike and daughter Maddy. We registered with Team Brad, to honor Brad Ventura, a former student who succumbed to sarcoma (soft-tissue cancer) last June. Team Brad took away awards today for biggest team (80+) and most fundraising.
Julia, Mike, me, Mark
(Maddy is in the stroller)

Brad's team was huge because so many people loved him...because he loved them, too! My husband Mark first got to know Brad his freshman year, in the high school play, Peter Pan. Mark was working backstage as a "flyer" and Brad was cast as John Darling, Wendy's younger brother who wants to be a pirate. Mark operated the cables to make Brad fly. We got to know Brad better as he and Katie were friends through high school.
Lots of people there were wearing the red "Team Brad" t-shirts.

Brad's cancer diagnosis came during when he was a student at Oregon State University. He continued his studies as his medical treatments allowed, but the sarcoma was aggressive, and he passed away in June 2009, just a little over a year after his initial diagnosis.
Brad's family

Today's walk wasn't all that long, and it wasn't competitive, but it was a wonderful reminder of the importance of living our lives with joy. The day was gray and overcast, but it was a beautiful walk along the Willamette River in celebration of life.

Here's a fun video from Brad's website, created by his family. After the thoughts from several of his nurses, there are some great videos of Brad dancing, no matter what the situation.

I know what he would say to each of us today: Dance! 
Have a great week, dear Skinny readers, and remember to dance!

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JuliaKoponick said...

Maddy and I just danced along with him!! It was good to see so many of his friends there today!

For any of you who wanted to be there for the walk and couldn't, Michael, Maddy and I hadn't ever met him, but we walked in your place!

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