Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Katie: Week 20

Okay, okay...

Current weight: 142 pounds
Last week's weight: 141 pounds
Total weight loss: 28 pounds

 (Just a random picture from our recent vacation to tide you all over until I take updated weight-loss pictures)

Well, I gained one pound since last week, but I really do think it was kind of a fluke that I was at 141 last week in the first place.  So I feel okay about 142, but hopefully I'll still continue to lose weight.  As for my goals from last week, here's how I did:

-lift weights twice  Did it!
-go running twice  Went running once, yesterday evening.
-go on walks every day, starting today  Went on walks most days, but not Friday (I was having a cleaning meltdown) and not yesterday (the weather was blah). 

I think having specific, weekly goals was good for me, so I'm going to do it again this week.  (Oh, and sorry again for no picture!  I am a total failure about taking pictures, it seems.  I blame it entirely on our crazy schedules.)  Anyway, here are my goals for this week:

-lift weights twice
-go running twice
-go on walks every day
-eat at least 1 serving of veggies every day
-do at least 50 crunches every day
-make myself a little chart of these goals that I can see during the week and check things off 
-actually take a picture of myself to show you all!

I was talking to one of my good friends yesterday who's also been trying to lose weight for the past little while and we were talking about how much time it takes to be healthy.  Planning meals, taking time to exercise, the hassle of showering with a little one around and just how much that can deter us (or at least me--haha) from exercising, etc.  But, while I have been getting totally lax about what I eat and what I'm doing to be healthy, she continues to stick with it and do a really great job.  Talking with her yesterday definitely inspired me to be better, so I'm going to try harder this week.  I think my biggest problem at this point is that I get to Tuesday, realize I haven't made any progress, make some goals, then forget about it for the rest of the week since the next Tuesday is now "so far away" (in my head at least) and then instead of losing weight and making good habits I find myself slipping back into my old (very bad) habits.  But having specific goals last week helped me keep my focus a little better.  And, I know, aren't you all thinking, "Umm... Katie, this whole making goals thing shouldn't be a news flash.  That's totally what you used to do before!"  But it's so easy to slip out of good habits and I definitely have.  So I'm trying to get back into the swing of things without having to totally revert back to writing everything down in my food journal and entering everything into MyPyramid.  Wish me luck.

P.S. I got some skinny jeans for free (not over the top, but, you know, still skinny jeans) a couple of weeks ago when my friends and I went to search through all the stuff the freshman were getting rid of at the dorms.  I picked the jeans up because I saw they were a size 9 (my size 10 jeans have been mega loose on me for a while now, but I'm too cheap to buy new ones).  I didn't try them on until I got home and that was when I realized they were skinny jeans.  The thought, "Am I cool enough to wear these?" definitely passed through my mind.  But I decided to give it a shot and, let me just say, I am so glad I did.  I love love love them.  They are so much more flattering and make me feel more stylish.  It is definitely going to my head.


Allen and Cameo said...

Um so remember how when we went to the dorms I got a pair of skinny jeans too... but I am a little too nervous to wear them!

Katie said...

Cameo- DEFINITELY wear them. If I can pull it off then you totally can. You are even skinny! And you always dress cooler, so people wouldn't be quite so shocked to see them on you. Haha.

Marae Lindsey said...

we would be so ashamed of ourselves two years ago (i have skinny jeans now, too). what would brawny say?

Katie said...

Haha! I know! Although I like to think that mine are not as skinny as Brawny's.

Kathy Haynie said...

You could take the picture in your skinny jeans...

I've been good so far about writing down my food, and it IS helping me get past my plateau, even though I'm not entering it online, or even figuring out all the calories. Just writing it down seems to help.

Cute photo of you and Miss O.

Richard and Emily said...

I'm glad we got to go running together last night. It was so nice and I loved chatting with you! :)

Also, you are definitely stylin' in your skinny jeans! You looked so good in them yesterday when you came over! I love skinny jeans!

alee said...

Oh....I am still not sure about skinny jeans- I mean, maybe they work on others, but I know they aren't cute on me. I am interested in seeing you in your new threads...take a picture! (We have been picture deprived anyway)

P.S. As we were talking about where Nick should send his GMAT scores (he takes it this Saturday)...

Nick: I don't really know where I want to go
Alex: I could see where Bryan is applying to school and we could check out the MBA programs around there
Nick: Yeah....
Alex: At least then I would have a friend...

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