Monday, May 10, 2010

How Long Will You Live?

I found an interesting website this evening, called

It has a life-expectancy calculator. You answer the questions, and it computes a life expectancy for you.

When I put my info in the calculator, it said I will live to be 99!

Wow...guess I'd better do some careful retirement planning...I'll be 56 on Thursday.


alee said...

Wow- it just said I could live to be I could add up to 4 1/2 more years if I started doing some of those things I conveniently "forget" to do like wearing sunscreen all the time...but it seems like I may have a while to get into those habits!

Thanks for the link- that was fun!

Lisa Lou said...

I'll only live to 90. I think I'm ok with that.

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