Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pumpkin on my shopping list

Just ran across this link on Yahoo! It has some healthy food ideas that sound really yummy - I am especially intrigued by the recipe for pumpkin pudding - sounds like a delicious, healthy treat as an alternative to high-calorie treats like ice cream. Makes me think of the recipe for pumpkin chili on Melissa's blog. I'm trying out a recipe for pumpkin soup this Friday for "soup of the week." And Julia told me about a great way to reduce calories when making a cake from cake mix: replace the eggs, oil, and water guessed it...pumpkin!

What's up with all this pumpkin? Better go add it to the shopping list!


Post Grad Hair Cut said...

pumpkin cookies!!! I'll post a recipe next week.

alee said...

All things pumpkin are so much better if you bake and puree the pumpkin yourself...if you can find one! :)

JuliaKoponick said...

I have a friend who buys extra pumpkins right after Halloween (she gets them cheap this way from a local pumpkin patch). She then bakes and purees them, and then puts them in the freezer in containers that are the size she uses in most of her recipes.

Since I am only marginally fond of pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread, I haven't ever joined her, although maybe this year I will.

I really liked the idea of making a chocolate cake that was a little healthier. It is also great if you need to make a dessert without eggs. One of the twins has a classmate who is allergic to eggs. Too bad the schools won't let you bring in homemade treats for parties anymore. Guess I will just have to make the cake for us to have at home.

JuliaKoponick said...

Get your canned pumpkin while you can. I went to Fred Meyer tonight, and bought the last two small cans of pumpkin that they had. They were completely out of the large ones. When I asked if they had more in the back I was told that they were a seasonal item, and they wouldn't get it back in until the end of summer.

So, I have enough to make Kaitlyn's birthday cake tomorrow, but am going to have to find more somewhere fast!

JuliaKoponick said...

I made the pumpkin cake today. It was very yummy! You will want to put the water in that is in the recipe for the cake mix. The Rachel Ray show I saw said just to replace the eggs and oil, and while the link Kathy posted says to only use the pumpkin and cake mix, I think you need the water to not have it be too heavy.

I made the cake as a sheet cake, and got a reduced sugar cake mix. It turned out to make 18 pieces of cake, that were 100 calories each. I made a fruit compote out of berries form the freezer that we picked last summer, and that had 60 calories for 1/4 cup of compote. It made for a very yummy dessert!

Marae Lindsey said...

I am a cake-hater but LOVE spice cake with just pumpkin, made into cake or cookies. Mmm...and my mother in law loves to make this pumpkin thing with yogurt, pumpkin, and..I think just spices. Which is also good made into a smoothie, with frozen milk or yogurt or pumpkin cubes (as long as one of them is frozen it's good).

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