Thursday, January 7, 2010

Walking in Circles

The phrase “going around in circles” generally means that someone is lost or confused. I've been walking around in circles for the last 7 years on purpose, and I can promise you I'm not lost or confused. Well, mostly not anyway. (Depends on the day, you know?)

Here's how it goes: I get up early every day except Sunday, meet with my walking buddy, and walk in a big, approximately 3 mile, circle to end up exactly where I started from. It takes us about an hour. Sometimes I even walk in circles with my husband. He's actually my “best” buddy, but he's not always available, so I need my other buddy who is much more dependable. The fact that I have been walking in these circles for so many years apparently makes me the “Queen” of walking, according to Kathy and Katie, and they have asked me to write about it every Thursday in The Skinny. Well, okay. I'm slightly amused, however, because over the next few weeks you will all realize that my “Walking Kingdom” is rather messy. No, messy isn't the right word. Maybe disorganized? Whatever, it works for me. I'm still at it, right?

I walk in these circles for lots of different reasons. To be active and healthy and strong was at the top of the list when we first started all those years ago, but as time has passed I realize that our daily walks are also about Sisterhood, Friendship, Community, Appreciating Nature, and even Maintaining our Sanity. You can expect to hear a little about all of these things and maybe more in the coming weeks as you “Walk in Circles” with me in the blog world. I'm a very visual person, so you can expect that I will be sharing pictures along the way.

Ready for a walk? I'll be here with you in The Skinny next Thursday. See you then!


Kathy Haynie said...

Welcome, Dorothy! I love walking with you when I'm on vacation. The sunrise is GORGEOUS this morning - I'll bet you're having a beautiful walk!

Katie said...

Haha. It never occurred to me that Sarah and I are walking in circles when we go on walks. I always just thought of it as a big loop, but does that just mean we're loopy? I guess you sound a little nuts no matter how you say it, but it's such a sane idea!

Dorothy said...

Just back from my walk...and YES!!! It was an amazing sunrise. (I took pictures, too. :) We were SO GLAD to be outside watching the morning unfold so beautifully while we walked along.

Lisa Lou said...

Sometimes I take a lap around the office building if I'm having that itch to move. I've started physically walking to someones office to ask a question instead of calling or emailing. And parking far away from the door. Walking is great. Walking in circles is great.

Katie said...


Your comment goes really well with an article I read a while ago about walking where it said to "be less economical." What it meant was that instead of doing things as quickly as possible, you can get more exercise in by carrying in three smaller loads of groceries or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Walking to somebody's office (if you have the time and won't get in trouble with your boss or something) is a great way to stay active during the day. And I bet it helps build better relationships with staff members than just calling them on the phone. Great idea!

Patricia said...

I, too, love walking in the morning.
A bunch of us meet and walk as our kids attend early morning Seminary. We've been at it for six years, and I did it in other places I lived before that. It's wonderful for the mind and body. Except when it's below 20 degrees outside and then sometimes we walk inside the church. Now THAT's really walking in circles!
But, I got a treadmill for Christmas so when it's below 20 degrees and windy I've been walking and reading in the basement. I can hardly wait for better weather!

emmalou said...

Seeing the sunrise was one of my favorite parts of morning runnning in the summer. Don't you just feel so connected to the world? I'm looking forward to your future posts, Dorothy!

Kathy Haynie said...

Mark and I walked in a big circle here at the high school during lunch today. Up a stairway, down the hall, down the next stairway, another hall, more's a good 10-minute workout in the middle of the day, and it gets our heart rate going! I thought of your comment as I walked today, Katie.

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