Saturday, January 16, 2010

Kathy: Week 3 (Like Daughter, Like Mother)

Current Weight: 149
Last Week's Weight: 149
Total Weight Loss: 2 pounds

Ho hum...not much news in that report! Anything different in the pictures?

Week 1 - Remember this?

Week 3 - Here I am this morning.

Ummm...I think maybe my posture is better in today's photos??

So, is this all about the scale, or about living a better, healthier, happier life? I'd like to be noble and say that it's only about being healthier and happier, but I have to admit that there's this part of me that wants to be slender and supple and fit into my pants more yes, it IS about the scale, or at least the part of the scale that reports on the unhealthy fat that (will someday be) gone from my body and my life!

But...  (ha ha! or "butt"...)
It really is about the better, healthier, happier life. There's not much point in being skinny and unhealthy! I want to be slender, but healthy, too. And that means that my weight loss is going to be g..r..a..d..u..a..l. When I've rushed this process in the past, I've lost muscle. This time I want to do it the right way, and lose fat.

So here's what I'm loving about myself, my weight, my life this week:

1. I love my body! It is so fun to move, to stretch, to relax, to hold a book, to hug a grandchild, to see the dawn, to hold hands with my sweetheart. It's been fun to go to yoga class, to Curves, to race hubby up the stairs!

2. I love the food I'm eating! I don't even want sweets...the food is easy to prepare and delicious to eat, and filling. I feel more healthy.

3. I can see myself doing this forever. In the past, I've approached eating plans as "temporary" - once I lose the weight, I can go "back to normal." But now I feel like this is the new "normal."

4. I'm still losing weight at a faster rate than I had initially anticipated. After all, since Week 1, I've lost 2 pounds, which is 1 pound per week, better than my estimate of 1/2 pound per week.

5. I have a wonderful community of support--my family, my coworkers, and every day I check in with YOU! Yay for blogging friends!

So, blogging friends, how are YOU doing with your goals, hopes, plans for a healthier, happier 2010?
Let's celebrate together - share a comment about the joy and success in your life!


Dorothy said...

Actually, I think you look much more TONED in today's picture. The exercise and yoga are doing good things to your body. Keep it up! (And enjoy hugging those grandchildren this weekend! :)

Katie said...

I agree with Dorothy. And I also think you look happier in today's pictures, almost as if the first pictures say, "I'm so mad about where I've gotten," and today's pictures say, "I'm so proud of where I'm headed." And you should be proud. In related news, on our walk yesterday Sarah and I were talking about how we could notice progress in ourselves in other ways, even if the scale wasn't verifying it. For instance, both of our pants are getting looser, both of us have sore abs all the time (haha), and we've both noticed that the big hill we walk up is getting a little easier. And I have to say that after our little chat about that yesterday I was feeling a lot more optimistic at the hope of losing weight on the scale this next week instead of feeling endlessly "trapped" at 161. So, look for the good. Love you, Mom!

Marae Lindsey said...

From the pictures, I'd guess that you've lost much more than 2 pounds. You do look more toned and smaller this week. Really, I'd guess that you lost at least're smaller all around, and there's a big difference in your face and neck. Keep up the good work! And the healthy attitude.

Anonymous said...

you actually do look a lot slimmer and happier in today's pictures. i think that says a lot! it was funny i finally measured myself yesterday and i'm either at or near my goal measurements the first time i lost weight and i'm still not happy with my appearance. i still have about 20lbs to go tho. the point of me sharing this is that we put so much more value on those numbers but we don't always know what those numbers mean. in other words we imagine certain numbers will mean looking a certain way but that always isn't the case. as hard as it is we should focus on being healthy rather than the inches or pounds. it will be a gradual thing but in striving to be healthy we will arrive to our goal be it fitting into our pants or looking like a celeb. you'll get there just enjoy the process :)

Carou said...

I love your attitude and thanks for sharing your thoughts about wanting both...skinny and healthy. This is what I want in my life too and it is an up and down journey. Keep your plan going! Don't let any discouragement creep in because you will see the results you want. Stay the course! I am proud of you and you are inspiring me to stick to my plan and not give up.

noworries said...

well mom, you do look smaller in this picture. I think that you are doing a great job. I have to say that the reason that I STARTED my diet was becasue you and katie staerted this and holly and ashley are eatting better so that they can be healthier this pregnancy. I decided that I needed to jump on the train with all the health issues that I have I am on a diffrent plan then you and even know I am on day 3 it is hard and I just want to say thank you cause even if you are not losing weight you are incuraging others to do so. I know that for me you are leading by example. thank you

JuliaKoponick said...

I have actually lost another 2 pounds, and my pants are fitting easier, even though I haven't been as strict with my diet as you have been. It is nice to have my size 14 pants fit without feeling like I am painting them on.

I am curious to ask the group if anyone has dealt with chronic pain issues and weight loss. I am making it to most of my workouts, but I am hurting so much after wards that I am questioning how long I can do it. I have promised my body at least 6-8 weeks of Curves, to see if the pain gets easier, but so far I am not noticing it. This is not muscle pain, the workouts feel good to my muscles, but the area of my body that has pain most of the time anyway, is much worse after a workout.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Hillary said...

very nice Kathy! I for sure think you look smaller in the second picture. Great, GREAT job.

One of my most exciting news happenings right now is that I get my treadmill on Monday. We bought one... after saving money from teaching my voice lessons... and I'm VERY excited. In my skinnier life, pre-baby, I used a treadmill to keep myself motivated to be healthy. So, now I will have NO excuses because the treadmill will be in my own home.

Thanks for being so encouraging! :)

Alex said...

Julia- I have terrible knee and heel pain (not muscle related either) but I still run anyway. My doctor told me that bodies weren't built to take such strain and that if is ached too bad then I probably shouldn't do it...but it only hurts while I am doing the exercise (and throbs for a minute or two afterwards) and then by the next day I am good to go again and I just make myself go. I have noticed that exercising with someone and being able to turn my focus away from the pain helps me enormously...but I am not sure what else to tell you! Keep going!

my name is lauren. said...

keep up the good work kathy! you're doing great. 2 lbs. is nothing to sneeze at :).

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