Monday, January 4, 2010

Guest Author: Nana

(Posted by Kathy)
My mother, Katie's grandmother, Nancy Jenkins, sent the following email to me this afternoon. Mom / Nana is 74 years old, and my father is 77. They work as a team selling real estate in the small town of Colville, Washington, north of Spokane. This is their retirement "career." Before this career, she was a 4th grade school teacher for many years.

     "Hi Kathy and Mark, we stopped in at the Colville Fitness Center this morning before coming in for our floor duty at 11 A.M. We will go back to the Fitness Center at 4.30 P.M. for a 1 hour training session. We signed up for 3 months. We have been talking about it, after Dad said it would be alright on his ankle. We’ll probably go in about 5 or 6 A.M. unless we have an 8:00 meeting or an appointment.
      I really enjoyed all the blogs on weight loss, recipes, and exercises that you, Katie, and friends wrote. I’m impressed that you, Kathy, got up at 5 A.M. this morning to go to Curves, on your first day back at school. We’re cutting back on size of portions of food, and drinking lots of water, and cutting out things that we love like cheese. Of course, between Thanksgiving and Christmas, everybody is inclined to eat too much. I also signed up for Colville Get Fit. This is a community program where you get weighed in every so often, and also have the other medical items checked. For every so many pounds you lose, Community businesses donate food to the local food banks. There are also prizes you can win, etc. Your Dad said that he wasn’t interested in that. He has until Jan. 15th to change his mind.
     I think you were very brave to have a before picture taken, and then, to put it in your blog. I’m old enough to say, “no way!” When I’m happy with the way I look, I will put in an “after picture”.
     With love, Mom and Dad"

Nana encourages me with her words, but she inspires me by how she lives. She cooks great, healthy food, and she and my dad have lived an active, healthy lifestyle their whole lives. They would rather go out and cut wood for their wood stove than watch a movie.

Who in your life inspires you to better health?


Dorothy said...

There's a young mom just up the street from that inspires me. Kristen goes out nearly every day, pushing the exercise stroller with two little ones inside, and she RUNS through town. When my kids were young, I barely had enough energy to make it through the day. (Or so it seemed sometimes) Even though I'm a generation away from Kristen, I'd like to be as strong as she is. (And look that good!)

Katie said...

Way to go Nana and Granddad! I think that Colville Get Fit program is really cool. What a great motivation to keep on track. Although I really must say that I can't imagine an ounce of fat on either of you. Love you both! Thanks for your guest post!

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