Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hungry Girl

My friend Alyssa sent me an e-mail today with some great info.  She said she had seen on here that I'm going to The Cheesecake Factory later this week (Woot wooooot!  So excited.) and that I'm trying to do my homework so I can order something healthy.  Well, it just so happens that Alyssa received an e-mail today from Hungry Girl with some great menu info for The Cheesecake Factory that includes nutritional facts.  (Or you can download the info HERE.)  If you go to the first link you can sign up to get Hungry Girl e-mails and be cool too.  Thanks Alyssa!

One more word about Hungry Girl.  I get the Hungry Girl yogurts because they're only 4oz.  Which is really as much yogurt as I ever actually want in one sitting.  So it's great for not over eating just for the sake of "finishing what's on your plate."  

Also, as you all know, my walking buddy's daughter was sick most of last week.  She's doing much better now, thank goodness!  Anyway, while Sarah was at home with her little girl last week, the big O and I went on walks just the two of us some days.  One day in particular I took the camera with me and decided to just go on a long meandering kind of walk and take pictures as I went.  You can see the pictures and a bit of my thoughts here on my regular blog.  Let me just say that if you're getting tired of exercising and just want to take a break one day, going on a "picture walk" is a great idea.  I found it to be very relaxing... and I still got my exercise in for the day!  Just try it.  You might like it.*

*"Just try it.  You might like it."  That's what Alex always says.  Not in her posts or anything.  Just to me.

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Lisa Lou said...

Wooooooot!!! I was kind of scared to look at the nutritional facts...but good to know.

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