Sunday, January 24, 2010

Inspire me, please

I found something during the week that I could share, but at the moment I'm just not feeling it.  I haven't had a bad week.  I've seen progress in myself and life in general is fine.  But some days doesn't the lack of chocolate chip cookies and the fact that you spend your time exercising instead of doing the fun things you enjoy get you down?  It gets me down sometimes, despite the fact that I see progress.  Not to mention my sewing machine hasn't even been out for a least a week.  That's never a good sign.  Anyway, I don't want to be a "Debbie Downer" as Lisa would say, so today I ask you to share your peaceful and encouraging thoughts.  What do you think about that keeps you motivated on the ho-hum days?  What impressions have you had that have helped you to feel peace?  What is it you feel passionately about that brings joy to your life?  Or, at the very least, let me know if this blog has inspired you at all.  It would really brighten my day.


Kathy Haynie said...

The thing that helps me most is serving someone else. When I'm in a rut, serving someone outside of my normal circle is such an uplift! It restores my sense of who I am and what I am about.

JuliaKoponick said...

I find that sometimes I just need a little spiritual uplift. Here is one of my favorite places to go to watch something when Maddy and I are both having a cranky day.

alyssam said...

I think that when I'm in a rut, I start thinking big picture. It's frustrating at times when I'm not seeing dramatic results like we see on tv, but then I just need to step back and think about where I am. I'm going at this alone - I don't have a trainer and a chef working for me. When I realize that I'm doing this myself, it makes me feel stronger and more confident in my abilities - I can do this! So what if I decide I need to eat some cookies? I'm accountable to myself, and can balance out the cookies with a longer run, or a healthier dinner. :]

This blog helps too, to read about the struggles and triumphs of others going at it alone!

Dorothy said...

Flowers! They always remind me of how much our Heavenly Father loves me. All of creation inspires me....there is so much variety and color and it is given to us as a gift for our enjoyment. To be able to enjoy it best I need to be strong, and that motivates me to exercise and eat right to be healthy.

Your Mom is also right on target with her comment. And don't think you aren't serving when you're changing a diaper or preparing food for your family. That kind of service is the most sacred of all since you are helping to bring a little bit of heaven into your home.

Just so you know, this blog has been a motivating factor for us, too. My hubby and I have each lost 3-4 lbs since it started. So there. Now smile and enjoy your Sabbath Day. Think about hugging puppies! :)

my name is lauren. said... really are an inspiration! i love you and i am so glad you are doing this. you are truly helping so many people and i think it's so great!

i know what you mean though...sometimes it seems as if being healthy is a full time job and a total time suck :(.

kati said...

This blog is wonderful. I find all of the posts interesting and helpful. I love to exercise, I find that it centers me and give me the energy to fulfill the rest of the days duties. I really love to Jazzercise. You might want to check out your local Jazzercise class. They let you try it for free, they have child care, and this monday they are having a one day sale. It's reduced to $20 per month if you sign up. I know you are students on a budget but it might be fun to just try a free class. If you find exercise that is fun it's not so ho-hum and the time goes faster! Keep with it- we can do hard things!

Lisa Lou said...

This blog is like our book club (actually I take that back because our book club kind of fell apart...) but it's fun to be a part of something with others that have the same goals and motivation. Well, we all have different goals and motivations, but we support each other! (Wow, my analogies are not on target today...)
Anyway, it's like a club that everyone can be a part of and share ideas and goals. The End. Thanks for having such a great vision. (Also, physical vision, because hopefully Little Miss O won't need glasses...)

Sarah Moeck said...

When I am uninspired, or having weight loss issues, I have to do something that has to do with that to make me happy. Like, for my work out I dance to super fun music or just go for a long walk. I eat a little less at breakfast so I can have chocolate pudding for dessert. Or- and i cant believe I am admitting this- I stare at myself in front of the mirror naked and think of how much better I look now than i did before :) Take a long shower or a bubble bath, do your nails or your hair- anything that makes you feel amazing.

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