Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Grab a button! It's working!

Looking for my Week 2 post?  It's right below this one.  If I'm going to upstage somebody's post to write about this, it might as well be mine, right?  Oh, and if this post is a little confusing it's because I combined the two short posts that Polly and I wrote about the buttons.  It may be a little redundant, but oh well.  -Katie 

(From Polly) The button is fixed!  Sorry...it took a little longer to fix than it otherwise would because I just got back from my very first day of being a substitute teacher...in Kindergarten no less!  (It's a little different from teaching high school chemistry.)  My weight loss moment for the day was forgetting to bring a lunch.
If you want our nifty "I read the Skinny Button, just go to the sidebar and copy the code into a new HTML gadget.  Thanks for reading and passing on the word!

(From Katie) Some of you have noticed our neat little buttons (Thanks Polly for creating them and adding them to the blog!) and are curious about how to add one to your blog.  Well, then this post is for you.

Don't know what I'm talking about?
"Buttons" are codes for pictures you can add to your blog that work as link to a specified website, in the case, it's a picture link to The Skinny.

Don't know how to add the button to your blog?
Go to The Skinny (you're here!) and find the button you'd like to add.  Copy the code below it.  Go to your blog (I suggest opening your blog in a new tab or a new window so you can still reference the directions here).  Click on "Customize" (at the top).  Make sure you're on the layout page.  Click "Add a gadget."  Choose the "HTML" gadget.  Paste the code (the one you copied below the button) into your HTML gadget.  Save and enjoy! 

Don't know where the buttons are on The Skinny?
The "I read The Skinny" button is up at the top of the page in the left hand column.
The "I write for The Skinny" and "Featured on The Skinny" buttons are in the left hand column at the bottom.

Note: the "I write for The Skinny" buttons are intended for regular authors only.  The "Featured on The Skinny" buttons are intended for guest authors (authors who only write once or occasionally).

Still confused?
E-mail me at kathleenann08(at)gmail(dot)com.  I'll help you out.

Also, just a heads up.  There's going to be a giveaway here on The Skinny soon.  It may look a little something like these.  But you might have to be a follower of The Skinny to be eligible to win.  Or you might have to be proudly displaying your Skinny buttons.  Who knows?

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JuliaKoponick said...

It worked this time!! YEAH!!

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