Saturday, January 9, 2010

Kathy: Week 2 (I Am the Tortoise)

Current weight: 149 pounds
Last week's weight: 151 pounds
Total weight loss: 2 pounds

This is not nearly as exciting as Katie's initial weight loss, so I have to remind myself to be patient! I know that I have been eating REALLY healthy this week (more about that in a minute), and I got some workouts in, too. After all, according to my initial calculations, I figure I'll lose about 1/2 pound a for a first week, I've lost four times as much as I planned! 

My body feels about the same to me today as it did last Saturday, but I feel MUCH better about being in control of my eating with a good, solid plan.

Here's how I'm doing with my goals:
(To read more about my goals, check my Week 1 post.)

This photo was taken yesterday morning about 5:45 am at Curves!

1. Eat about 1600 calories a day. Three meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) about 400 calories each, and a fourth "meal" of 400 calories spread out through the day as snacks.

This is working out really well for me. It super-simplifies counting calories! As a 55-year-old woman, I can't eat nearly as many calories as Katie can at this point in her life. But I still love food, so planning four 400-calorie meals (1 "meal" is my afternoon snack, when the munchies hit the hardest), helps me to set boundaries on how much I eat.

Have I mentioned that I LOVE breakfast?? It's my favorite meal of the day. Here's what my breakfast looks like, EVERY DAY. That's right, no decisions to make. If I like it (and I do!) why get all fancy and switch the menu around?

    What a great, healthy meal; it keeps me going until lunch time.
    1 cup steel-cut oats (w/ 1 T flax meal, a few frozen blueberries or raisins, and a drizzle of agave nectar)
    1/4 cup egg substitute, scrambled (hubby always throws in a couple of mushrooms - yum)
    1/2 grapefruit, pear, or mango
    1 cup nonfat milk
    12 oz. water

    If you have never tried steel-cut oats, go add them to your shopping list right now. You will probably find them in the health-food section of the grocery store. They taste SO much better than regular, boring, ordinary oatmeal. The steel-cut oats have a nuttier flavor and texture, and they have more nutrients because they are cold processed. They have to simmer for 20 minutes, so I get them started in the morning, then let them do their thing while I get dressed. About 15 minutes later we come downstairs, hubby whips up the egg substitute and I cut up our fruit. Voila! So easy. So yummy. So healthy.

    2. Plan my menus ahead of time so there aren't any last minute "emergencies" where I don't have a healthy meal ready to go.

    This is genius. I bought a little whiteboard and used a sharpie pen to mark out the days of the week before I attached it to the front of the fridge. I figured out seven 400-calorie dinners (1 for each day of the week), and decided which menus would work best on certain days with my busy schedule.

    And then I did something truly revolutionary: I decided to use the same menu every week! No kidding! Every Monday will be Taco Salad, every Thursday will be Shrimp in Papillotte, and so forth.

    I can already hear what you're thinking: That would be so boring! What about creativity? What about trying out new recipes? Hey - these are NOT boring foods! They are tasty, delicious, healthy, easy recipes--I promise I'll post the recipes soon! I'm ok with eating them 10 more times for this term, and then I can rethink the plan in April. I prefer to think of this as "consistency," not "boring."

    Here's the deal: On two days a week I have some built-in flexibility.
    Sunday is "low-calorie crockpot recipe." I found some great recipes at this site - they even include the nutrition information and calorie counts! I do my grocery shopping on Saturdays, so each week I'll choose a different recipe to try out on Sunday.
    Friday is "soup of the week." There are so many low-calorie soup recipes out there, and hubby and I love soup. My whole-wheat bran muffin recipe is to die for, and only 120 calories per muffin. I promise I'll post it soon!

    Frankly, that's about all the variety I can handle right now! I've just started a crazy-busy college term, with class two nights a week and 10 books to read in 12 weeks, in addition to a full-time teaching job with papers to grade every night. It's worth it to me to have consistency in my menu plan for this term, in exchange for knowing that this consistency is healthy and within the calorie boundaries I've set for myself. If I had to constantly calculate the calories and nutrients, I'd give up in a week or two.

    3. Keep up the fluid intake!
    Can you hear me sloshing? A glass of milk morning and evening, a cup of carrot juice every afternoon, and lots of water in between. I'm learning to pay more attention to my thirst.

    4. Exercise at least 3 x week.
    It's so great to have a workout buddy. Thank you, Julia! Julia and I are going to Curves every Monday and Friday morning at 5:30 am. I'm really out of shape...haven't been since July 14!! I'm not burning huge amounts of calories yet, but it's healthy and it's movement, and I'm getting out of bed and doing it.

    For the third workout, hubby and I started a yoga class on Tuesday nights. There are so many things I already love about this class. Here are my top 3:
    1. What an amazing stretch. My muscles loved all that attention.
    2. It's a tough workout, too. This will help me build my strength.
    3. I slept better after yoga class than I've slept in months, maybe years. Deep, peaceful, restful sleep. and like Katie reminded us, getting enough sleep can help us with losing weight, too!


    Katie said...

    I tried some yoga a couple of days ago when I just wanted an easy workout. Ha! I may not have been sweating buckets, but it was still a really good workout and really challenging. That down dog really gets ya.

    Great job keeping up with your goals, Mom! I'm super impressed! Oh, and thanks also for the link to that low calorie crockpot recipe site. We use our crockpot all the time, so I will definitely be looking there in the future.

    Anonymous said...

    Thanks for that website! I hadn't seen that one yet! And congratulations on the weight loss!

    Hillary said...

    Very nice Kathy! You must remember also that you didn't recently have a baby. So naturally your weight loss speed would be slightly slower. 2 pounds is AWESOME! It's more than perfect! Be proud. :)

    I think for me I'd have to do the "consistency" plan with my meals too. That is one way you can guarantee you won't cheat or mess up. :) Great job! Keep it up!

    Kathy Haynie said...

    Ha ha! Believe me, I don't plan on having a baby any time soon just so I can lose weight faster! Thanks for the perspective, Hillary.

    (And thanks for putting it so IS harder for us menopausal gals to lose weight.)

    Patricia said...

    Kathy, I think one pound a week is
    a pretty good rate, and you've lost two this week. Fantastic! Way to go! You've really got a lot going on in your life. I'm very impressed.

    my name is lauren. said...

    that's so exciting kathy! 2 pounds is great!

    i love that you have a set meal plan. it sounds like you're insanely busy, and i'm with you....the easier the better. i love food and i love variety, but i also wouldn't mind eating the same yummy things week after week. craig isn't like this, so i try to change it up more often, but i'm glad it's working for you. is a totally tough workout! i take a class at the gym sometimes and my arms are seriously shaking at the end. it's good too, cause i don't have great flexibility or balance, which is something i think people forget when they're working towards overall fitness. flexibility is so important. so fun that you and mark are going together!

    good luck with this coming up week! i know you'll do great!

    Dorothy said...

    Sorry, no matter how you build it up, I am NOT eating oatmeal. I'll stick with my healthy sprouted brown rice with fruit and nuts. :)

    I like that idea of repeating planned menus. Like you, I eat the same breakfast every day and love it. Dinners, too? Maybe!

    JuliaKoponick said...

    It is great to be workout buddies. My goals aren't quite as ambitious, but it is good to know someone else is counting on you, and to have someone to talk to while we are working out!!

    Kathy Haynie said...

    Dorothy, I knew you'd comment on my oatmeal. :) It would be great to have your "healthy sprouted brown rice with fruit and nuts" recipe on The Skinny!

    Anna said...

    Very impressive, Kathy. I love having the same thing for breakfast everyday. I will have to try steel cut oats some time. Right now I am in love with cream of wheat.

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