Thursday, April 28, 2011

Week 4


Slow and steady my friends, slow and least I hope! This week has been a bit of a challenge- my very cute and normally very pleasant baby is going through his 3 month growth spurt and has turned into a not extremely happy guy who rarely sleeps and eats non-stop...can you believe at 3 months he is 18 pounds? Yikes! What did I do? He is completely breastfed though and the doctor isn't worried, but still. Anywho, bottom line is that we haven't had the easiest week. Plus my mom is out of town...which means I am all alone!

And you know what? I still went running this week! Monday I had an early appointment so I skipped the workout to ensure both me and my son were dressed in time, but I have run 2 1/2 miles, outside, pushing the jogging stroller for the last three days. Tuesday and Wednesday it was in the 80s already when I ran and I sweat like never before. Today was a bit cooler, which was lovely, but it is still a hard run and I am amazed that I have done it. Never say never my friends!

So if you are thinking it is impossible for you to exercise, let me tell you that it is go do it!

(And stay tuned for my baby-friendly-but-not-necessary exercises...I don't want this post to be too long and I don't have the pictures ready anyway!)


Kathy Haynie said...

Good for you Alex! He sounds like a wonderful little (big!) boys. How fun that you can exercise together. The growth spurt will be over before you know it.

Katie said...

Oh man. That sounds rough. Good for you for keeping up the running though! Give that cute baby boy a kiss for us. :) Hope things get better soon!

Lisa Lou said...

good luck!

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