Friday, April 15, 2011

Mini-Hamburgers - Frugal Food Friday

I're shocked!  There hasn't been a Frugal Food Friday in AGES.  I'm going to try to post more often...but no promises.

We like hamburgers occassionally at our house as an easy meal to through together, and I came up with a great way to keep encourage you to eat more veggies and less of the hamburger. 

Buy the mini ones!  The package of mini-hamburgers was the same price per pound as the 1/4 pound hamburgers, but since they're smaller you get more per package (cheaper!) and they're fewer calories each...just 120.  This leaves you a little less full...and gives you more room for a delicious salad.

In this case we had Rainbow Cole Slaw, a favorite with the kiddos.  (And those are homemade whole wheat hamburger buns...probably not fewer calories than store bought, but delicious and whole grain.)

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Kathy Haynie said...

Oh, yum! I just got home from work, and these look delicious...I'm hungry! Thanks Polly.

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