Thursday, April 21, 2011

Week 3

Victory! We have some good news folks...


The scale budged! Now my weight fluctuates a bunch so I am not going to hop up and down yet, but wahoo! All I can say is that I have been trying to be consistent and give it time...I have been running every day- nothing far, a mile here and two there, but I am feeling good and trying to just get out and do it every morning. The true test will be next week when my mom is out of town...she usually motivates and enables me to go! The water intake is still not as great as when I was pregnant, but I am getting better about at least grabbing a bottle of water when I sit down to nurse...whether I chug it or not!

I have some good exercises that you can do with your baby (don't forget that mine turns 3 months on Tuesday and weighs over 16 lbs!) that I will hopefully get pictures of so I can post them next week!

Have a Happy Easter and don't eat too many Cadbury Eggs!!!


Kathy Haynie said...

Good for you Alex! You are inspiring me. Atta girl!

Katie said...

Woot woot! Way to go Alex! Now if only I had read what you wrote about the cadbury eggs BEFORE Easter... Haha. But we're about to head out running (despite the snow--grr) and it's our second day in a row! Yay!

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