Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Katie: Week 18


Current weight: 144 pounds
Last week's weight: 144 pounds
Total weight loss: 26 pounds

Yes.  Again.  But I actually feel pretty good about that considering all the junk we ate while we were on vacation this past week.  (As if I could be expected to pass up "Buy one Blizzard get the second one for 25 cents.")  And although I only went to a gym once the whole time I was away, we did go to the beach and walk around, go to a museum and walk around, go to a really huge, cool, bookstore and walk around, and go to the zoo and walk around.  So I'd say I wasn't exactly a lazy bum while we were gone.  Anyway, I'm looking forward to getting back into a good routine.  Although now that I'm back my walking buddy is off partying on the East Coast and I miss her already.  Hmm...


alee said...

We took advantage of the Blizzard bonus two days in a row! :) Glad we weren't the only ones who remembered how much we love DQ last week!

Lisa Lou said...

walking around is my favorite thing. Glad you had fun! Too bad Sarah is gone. You and O can come walk on the Provo river trail!

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