Wednesday, April 7, 2010

snack ideas, please

I have a pretty easy time coming up with and taking time to prepare meals. Snacks, on the other hand, don't get as much devotion and are usually something I want right now because I'm starving. Or they need to be easy to pack because I know I will be starving later. I get in ruts...

Lately, I usually have:
-oatcakes (thick crackers made from oats and often flavored. they're pretty tasty)
-rice cakes or rye crackers with peanut butter or low fat cream cheese
-whole grain muffin or cookie
-dried fruit + nuts (favorites are dates + almonds, apricots + walnuts, figs + almonds)
-little cheesies (babybel...haven't seen string cheese here)
-carrots and hummus

Sooo...pretty basic (I feel like all I need to add are Goldfish and I'll be your average 3 year old). And slightly boring! Please enlighten me with some new ideas.

(a quick google search brought me to this blog post with lots of ideas)


Katie said...

Hey Marae,

Your snacks look very European. :) Some of the snacks I've been having for the past little while are:

-chocolate graham crackers with peanut butter

-apples with peanut butter

-Cliff Kids Z bars

-a banana

-whole wheat bagel with low fat strawberry cream cheese

Umm... I guess that's about it. I just sat here and tried to think of more for a few minutes and that was all I came up with. So I guess I'm pretty boring too. Haha. Oh! But yesterday for breakfast I had:

-1 apple cut up into small pieces
-a handful of grapes cut in half
-a few tablespoons of strawberry yogurt
-a handful of granola

Mixed it all together for a little personal fruit salad. Stole this idea from Lisa when she made a really yummy fruit salad at our place last week. Anyway, it was very filling and yummy and would probably make good snack food too.

Missing you mucho mando!

-Katie :)

P.S. I might have to get some of those babybell light cheese wheels for snacks. The look yummy yummy.

Kathy Haynie said...

Yes, the babybels are yummy. So are laughing cow cheeses.

A wonderful link, with lots of super ideas. But I didn't see the Kashi 7-grain crackers listed anywhere. They are my very favorite. Yummy with a little cheese (see above) or a string cheese.

A handful of snap peas...and they're just about in season!

Anne said...

I really yummy snack is to scoop out a tablespoon of chocolate/almond butter - or chocolate/peanutbutter. I never even knew such a yummy treat existed until my doctor suggested it. I think it is important to include a little protien with your snacks. How about a smoothie? That always fills me up.

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