Saturday, February 20, 2010

Kathy: Week 8

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Current Weight: 142
Last Week's Weight: 144
Starting Weight: 151
Total Weight Loss: 9 pounds

Today's BMI: 25.15 (still "overweight"...but only 1 pound away from being "normal"!)

Last Saturday: 144 - Woo hoo! Down 2 pounds! Uh-oh...will I be able to maintain that this week?
Sunday: 145 - I knew it...I was too eager on that 144.
Monday: 144 - Oh, good, I really did earn that 144.
Tuesday: 145 - Uh, oh...have I been eating too much? Too much salt? 
Wednesday: 145 - What's going on? What if I have to post a gain next week on The Skinny?
Thursday: 143 - Woo hoo! Down another pound!
Friday: 145 - I just know it...I'm going to have to post a GAIN tomorrow! Agghh!!
Today: 142 - Really? Do you mean it, Scale? Here, let me check one more time. Yup...142!

Do you have these little moments with your scale, or is mine just fickle? I keep reassuring myself that this kind of little up-and-down is normal; it's the direction that matters. 

What's really working for me is sticking to four 400-calorie meals every day (3 meals + 400 calories of snacks), and 4 workouts every week (3 mornings at Curves, plus the yoga class).

Oh, and speaking of workouts, you are SO going to wish you lived in the Northwest today, because I get to go snowshoeing this morning!! I am really excited. Hiking is my favorite activity in the world--and this is hiking with beautiful snow all around! Be sure to check back to The Skinny this evening, and I'll post some photos.

Time to go pull out my long underwear and make my lunch, but before I go, I just wanted to share an article on Yahoo Health, that I found so affirming. It talks about weighing yourself daily, fiber, turning off the TV, getting enough sleep - all great healthy tips that we have been encouraging each other to live by here at The Skinny. Check out the article and feel good about what you are already doing...and maybe add another healthy habit to your life.

We love your comments--we know that lots of you are having healthy success, too!
I would love love love love love it if you would make a comment! (Katie always gets more comments than me. Ha ha! I think she has more friends.) Our friend Kacie has started a weight loss blog - anyone else out there using a blog as a way to stay motivated and accountable?

And don't forget the giveaway!  ENTER for a chance to win a CD of some great workout music!


Syl said...

Snowshoeing sounds soooo fun! I haven't gone since I was sixteen or something.

And I totally hear you about the scale thing. Sometimes it's hard to pinpoint progress when you're not sure exactly where that number is going to fall.

Katie said...

Mom- the same thing (with the scale, not snowshoeing) happens to me every single week. No joke. That's why I'm glad we report weekly instead of daily. Congrats on losing TWO pounds this week!

Polly said...

Yeah, Mom! Way to go! Have fun snowshoeing!

alee said...

I am jealous about the snowshoeing! And yes, my scale and I have a funny relationship. Since it is just sitting right out where I can step on it any time I have to force myself to only weigh once a day in the it at night I get way too discouraged!

And don't worry Kathy, you at least always get way more comments than I do! :)

Annemarie said...

Oh I love to snowshoe. I'll bet you have a wonderful time today.

I was laughing at your little "scale" report, because I'm always amazed at how quickly the scale will change in just an hour or two . . . I have a digital scale that reads XXX.X and that last tenth of a pound can change by walking across the room. When I first got it, I was so fascinated that I weighed myself every hour for a whole day, and it was amazing to watch the numbers go up and down.

Kudos to you for your weight loss so far . . . I was teaching with you when you lost weight a few years back, and you had so much more energy--I think you even glowed! I'll bet you're doing the same again this time around.

Dorothy said...

My scale does the same thing. All week long. Grrr. But here's a tip that my daughter-in-law Grace reminded me about. She said to be sure and take measurements. I followed her advice about three weeks ago, and I've re-measured three times since then. Guess what? Even though the scale isn't moving much, I'm losing inches all over the place. Kind of nice not to depend on my fickle scale to make me feel better. :)

Marae Lindsey said...

you're losing so quickly! way to keep up the workouts.

Marae Lindsey said...

you're losing so quickly! way to keep up the workouts.

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