Tuesday, February 2, 2010


(If you're looking for my Week 6 post, it's below this one.)

I've been promising you all a giveaway and now it's finally here!

Reusable snack bags!  
Made by yours truly from recycled grocery bags, these reusable snack and sandwich bags are durable, lightweight, compact, and easy to clean.

We'll be giving away two this time and (if you're good and eat your veggies) we'll be giving away more in the future.

Celery, anyone?

More matters.  Eat your fruits and veggies.
(The little green apple and "veggies" are hand embroidered.)


These snack bags are eco-friendly.  "The Green Sandwich Bag" was made from a produce bag like the one you see here.  A perfect reminder to eat healthy goodies, I think.

They also hold boring sandwiches, if you prefer.
(This is not just two pieces of bread.  This was Bryan's peanut butter and honey sandwich that I borrowed for a minute.)


Did I mention these are easy to clean?
Just rinse...

...and air dry!

Enough pictures!  On with the giveaway!

The bags up for grabs this time are:

1.) "The Macey's Sandwich Bag"
 This bag is big enough to fit one regular size sandwich.  And it could be yours.

2.) ONE of "The BYU Bookstore Snack Bag Twins"
These bags will hold about one medium apple cut into slices.  Or some fresh cherry tomatoes.  Or some snap peas.

So... want to win?

Just become a follower (if you already are that counts too) and leave a comment saying that you're a follower of The Skinny.  Please also include your e-mail address so I can contact you for your mailing info if you win.

For a second chance to win, add "the Skinny" button to your blog and leave a comment (with your e-mail!) saying you did.  (I'll be checking out your blogs, so no Pinocchio business.)
(If you make a mistake and leave more than one comment for each of your entries please make sure and delete your extra posts.)
That's it!  

*This giveaway is open to our international readers also.*

The giveaway will close midnight (Mountain Time) on 
Tuesday, February 9, 2010.  
I will then put all of the entries into a hat or bucket or cool reusable snack bag or something and pick two winners.  The first one will win the Macey's sandwich bag and the second one will win the BYU Bookstore snack bag.

Good luck everybody!

*Note: I have done some research online to try and find out if this material is food-safe and I have not yet been able to find any information on it.  If you find anything on the subject please send me an e-mail at kathleenann08(at)gmail(dot)com.  In the mean time, Bryan and I have been using our snack and sandwich bags made of this material for a few weeks now and we have not yet died or suffered any ailments due to our usage of the bags.

**Note: I also just wanted to add a big THANKS! to Dana of the wonderful MADE who shared her awesome tutorial for reusable grocery bags made of this material, which in part inspired this version of these bags.  Thanks also to Jerilyn of French Sleep Deprivation Study for sharing her templatesAnd if you're not feeling super lucky and just want to make your own, you can visit my regular blog HERE for some basic instructions. 


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Katie, I am a follower, and I have had my "I read the skinny" button up ever since you came out with it.

These look super cool. Are they simple enough for cub scouts to make? Would you be willing to teach the Webelos when you are in town in April, or at least teach me so I can teach them?

Love ya! If you have lost my email, let me know.

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ali said...

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These are SO awesome! Thanks for sharing with me Katie!

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