Thursday, February 11, 2010

Walking in Circles: A Community Affair

I Love hometown walks!

It doesn't even matter where. It could be my town or yours or someplace we have stopped along the way to another destination. There's no better way to get the feel of a hometown community than getting out of the car and walking their pathways and sidewalks. I love to see the people and the culture they have built around themselves.

Can I make a suggestion? (I'll do it anyway!)
Take those wha-cha-ma-call-its out of your ears!
When you're out walking your neighborhood and community, be a PART of it, not just an observer! Meet or greet your neighbors, say “hello” to strangers, LISTEN to what's going on around you! It's so much more fun and satisfying.

Need a few things at the store? Grab a cute bag and walk there and back! You'll feel very “provincial” and get in a little more exercise at the same time. How far away is your local library? Yes, I'm going to recommend walking there, too, since you'll be spending a lot more time sitting when you get into that new book you checked out.

(Speaking from experience here......)

I would also like to add:
don't be in such a “fitness-hurry”
that you can't stop to be curious or admire something you see along the way. My walking buddy and I take our little point-and-shoot cameras along with us often so we can capture some of the interest and charm we see on our regular daily walks. We live a mile away from each other, so we alternate our starting points. Some days I drive to her house and walk her neighborhood, and the other days she comes here and we do mine. Each route has it's highlights that are not to be missed!

The point is to ENJOY your walks. Chat with your buddy, enjoy the scenery, be friendly with the locals and keep a smile on your face. You might even forget that you're “exercising”.

Before I sign off for the week, I have a three pictures to share that were taken just this morning. (I was thinking of YOU!) It was still semi-dark when we started, and cloudy, but it wasn't raining! Enjoy!

Have a super great week!


Kathy Haynie said...

Well, you're going to make the rest of the world jealous for walks in Oregon - those are gorgeous photos! But all neighborhoods have a personality and flavor - you are so right about that.

Good walking tips, Dorothy - slow down and smell the roses... Good life tips, too.

Katie said...

Love that picture of the falls. It's fun to see pictures of places I've walked myself. :) Looks like you had a nice walk today!

Kacie said...

Gah! I miss Oregon City! New Mexico is so brown! I forgot how moss grows on everything up there.

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