Thursday, February 11, 2010

Do you get bored too?

First, I am sad to report that I was not so diligent this week in my commitment to eat healthier and workout harder.  I did have a harder than normal workout on Tuesday and Saturday, but it wasn't anything too great.  And hello Superbowl...Sunday was a whole lot of snacking. :(  I did try to write down things, but I only have 2 complete days and 2 partial I didn't do too well on that either.  But it was a start!  I am really out of my good habits- measuring servings, writing things down, and especially eating meals...I could never eat another meal and be fine; I live to snack!  But I am going to try again this week...really hard!

Now before my tip for today (that I need to revive in my own life as well) I wanted to congratulate the giveaway winners!  Those bags look really great and someday when, between my two jobs and my mom that lives a mile away, I am going to make some to pack my husband's lunch in!  Congrats again!  

Also, I wanted to give a big WOOHOO to Kathy for running this week- I am very proud of you!  I know it seems like small progress at first, but keep at it and I promise it gets easier!  Way to go!

Okay, on to my tip for today.  Maybe you are still excited about the whole exercising thing, but for me it has gotten to be routine.  I wake up in the morning and know I am going to run 5 miles...and somedays it still feels like I am a bump on a log.  So what to do to jazz up your routine?  Here is my solution...

I get little pieces of paper and write down all sorts of exercises that I can do- things I know how to do, have the equipment for (if it requires any), and that I am willing to do.  I put in things like jumping jacks, pushups on my ball, wall-sits, sit ups, stretching, the plank, bicycles, and lots of things using my workout ball.  Then I put all of my little strips of paper in a bag...and you are set!

Pull out a piece of paper or two and do the matter what they are.  Then, put your strips back in the bag for next time.  You can commit to doing a certain number of pieces of paper per workout, or just keep them on hand for when you have that extra 10 minutes.  I like this method as it gives me such variety; I know what all the exercises are, but I don't get jaded because I have done sit-ups every day this week.  Some weeks a certain part of your body gets a better workout than the rest, but it all evens out in the end.

I usually have at least two bags lying around with different exercises.  I use one for awhile until I get that jaded feeling and then I switch to the other and so on...can you tell I get bored easily? :)  Anywho, give it a try and see how you can shake up your workouts!

Stay tuned for next week as there will be another giveaway!  Details on how to enter and about the prize will be posted next week on my regular Thursday evening post :)

(By the way, did anyone give the Paso Legs a try?  I would love to hear if you did.  Also, do you have other ways you change up your routine?  Leave a comment and share the wealth! )


Katie said...

Great idea Alex! I've begun to feel a little jaded and not so motivated to do real workouts myself. Perhaps I'll give this a try. :)

Kathy Haynie said...

What a fun idea for changing up the routine and not getting into a rut. I love your realistic outlook - some weeks don't go as well as we'd hoped, but we hang in there and keep after it! And I'm intrigued about another giveaway...

Marae Lindsey said...

five miles PLUS the magic exercise bag? go go alex. i am practically a non-exerciser these days except for walking a lot lot--you are inspiring me to change my ways. hyde park in the spring time will help, too, but it's still so COLD here!

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