Monday, February 22, 2010

Can you tri?

Hello all! It's me...Lisa...Still training for that triathlon!

My training has been going well.

And my personal tip for this month is: BUDDIES!

I've been spreading the news that I'm training for a triathlon and found some training buddies in the process. Talking about my triathlon helps me remember that I need to TRAIN! Finding people to run with helps me feel motivated. And running together rather than going out to eat together is extra beneficial!

It also helps that I signed up for this triathlon with a friend. Having an end goal (whatever it is! I liked Alex's reward system!) is a great beacon to run towards.

Also, I would like to report that I can tell my pants and clothing in general are fitting better. I don't know numbers, but I feel good about my body. And isn't that the most important thing?


Katie said...

Seriously. Having a buddy helps so much with any kind of fitness goal. Good luck with your training Lisa!

Kathy Haynie said...

I recently received an email from Portland State University, where I'm taking an evening class in writing, about their new fitness center. To celebrate the opening and encourage more people to check it out, they were hosting a 20-20-20 Triathalon: 20 minutes jogging on a treadmill, 20 minutes swimming laps in the pool, and 20 minutes on an exercise bike. Wow! I could do that! Too bad I had a conflict on the day of the 20-20-20 Tri. But I want to organize one here in Oregon City. Go over to the middle school and run 20 minutes on the track. Hop on bicycles and ride down to the city pool. Swim laps for 20 minutes. Wouldn't that be fun?

Patricia said...

I haven't been at this site for a while so I missed the chance to comment right when you wrote. Love the idea of training with buddies. Have you started swimming yet? That would be the super hard one for me!
I think it's great that you are doing this!!

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