Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Katie: Week 40

Ugh.  This being healthy stuff is hard sometimes...

Current weight: 133 pounds
Last week's weight: 131 pounds
Total weight loss: 37 pounds

Grumble grumble grumble.  Harumpf. 

That is how I feel about the extra two pounds that have not-so-mysteriously returned.  I haven't been being a good girl.  I have been eating whatever.  Last week was basically a week of grilled cheese sandwiches because that's what sounded good.  And because we got back from one trip and we're headed out on another one soon and so we have a random assortment of food in the house right now.  And because I have been sick.  And--let's face it--lazy.  I haven't used MyFitnessPal in weeks, I think.

It's getting bad.  And with two more trips and not-long-enough gaps of time at home in between the trips and really good barbecue to test out while on the trips, I am just not feeling motivated.  I've been thinking maybe I should just officially take a break from trying too hard to be healthy until we finish all our trips so that I won't have to feel so mentally and emotionally weighed down by the few pounds of weight fluctuation.  But that might be a bad idea.  Any thoughts?  Encouraging words?  Carrot juice?


Kathy Haynie said...

Haha - carrot juice - actually, that sounds pretty good. I think I'll go add it to the shopping list. I'm being bad, too. And I'm blaming it on my cold, too. Surely that makes my body retain fluids, right? Uh, sure.

No, I don't think we should just forget about trying to be healthy. We'll be really, really sorry later.

My encouraging thought: If you can't be uber-healthy, then make sure at least one meal a day is really healthy. Make a trip to the store and pick up some healthier ingredients. No more than 2x a week on the grilled cheese.

And be kind to yourself. Which includes not beating yourself up about food choices, but which also includes treating your body with dignity, with the healthy foods you deserve. Sending good thoughts for the coming week!

Heidi Ferguson said...

Oh Katie! I am right there with you. I have gained weight too I think, although my scale is unreliable so I am just going by how much more my belly is sticking out. I have been so tired lately and haven't wanted to work out at all and hence eating whatever I want (read: CRAP.)

But every week is a new week to start over and try again! I have a new running buddy which is helping. I have worked out twice this week so far. Get back onto MyFitnesspal and get back into exercising because both of those will encourage you to eat better.

Also, my husband told me something weird recently: he said that when you work out and diet all week your body wants to get back to homeostasis (it's a lot more sciencey than this) so it actually craves more food, especially junk. So what we do is have one break day on a weekend where we just eat every crappy thing we want and get all those cravings out of the way. Sure we weigh a little more the next day but it's much better than eating junk every day.

This is super long but good luck!

alee said...

I agree with your mom Katie- being healthy is a lifestyle, not just a week to week fad. You shouldn't just "take a week off" of trying to be healthy...it should be something you are always striving for, realizing that you won't always be perfect and not beating yourself up about it....but it should always be the goal!

I know traveling and being busy and lazy and such takes the fun out of focusing on healthy choices, but pick a few things you can control- drinking enough water, etc. and focus on them instead of all of the things you aren't doing at the moment.

And don't worry, even though there are lots of treats at my house at the moment I am still running 5 miles in the mornings and so I will be more than happy to go on a little jog with you while you are here! :)

Lisa Lou said...

oh man. Grilled cheese sounds so good right now. This is my healthier version I've come up with since grilled cheese sandwiches are one of my favorite foods... toast some "healthy" bread (whole wheat, brown bread, whatever) sprinkle some grated cheese on top and broil for a few minutes. Not quite the same, but sometimes it satisfies enough.
Good luck.
Gosh, I'm right there with you.

emmalou said...

Katie, those two pounds are nothing to fret about. That is just normal fluctuation. Sure, you don't need so much grilled cheese. But don't make it into more than it is. You have still come so far and you are doing great. Imagine what might happen if you took a break from this effort to be healthy. Might be scary. So just remember it's not that big of a deal if you slip up a little. You are still on track if you are working on it. :) You are awesome!

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