Saturday, September 25, 2010

Kathy Week 39: Best Dam Run!

Kathy's Week 39 Stats:
Two weeks ago Weight: 128
Today's Weight: 128
Starting Weight: 151
Total Weight Loss: 23 pounds

Yes, I am in maintenance mode. I would like to maintain at 127, but I'm ok with hanging out here at 128, too. Since I don't have exciting weekly updates about losing weight, I've decided to start posting every other week.

I'm not worrying about entering every mouthful I eat into the calculator at, as long as I stay at 128 or lower. If I get on the scale in the morning and see 129, then becomes my best buddy for a day or two, until I see 128 or 127 on the scale. I sure don't want to get back to 130 or higher again!

Today Mark and I took on The Best Dam Run and Walk out in Estacada, Oregon. It was a beautiful day for a run/walk event - sunshine and a cool breeze, right along the Clackamas River. 

Before we even started out, we saw Emily and her two running buddies, (her sister Letia, and running partner Juliette). They had red "runner" numbers, and Mark and I wore green "walker" numbers.

It was a 10K race, most of it alongside the beautiful Clackamas River. Here we are at the start line, next to North Fork Reservoir.

Here's are our three runner friends again, ready for the starting gun! (Juliette, Emily, Letia)

And...they're off! Mark and I walked on the shoulder for a bit, to let all the runner types get past us. 

Most of the 10K was along this beautiful old highway, mostly shaded. The highway is only used by PGE trucks needing access to the dams, so there was no traffic. 

Almost back to Estacada and the finish line! Haha - I love it that the woman in front of me is walking with a cane. What is it about these older gals?? I was passed up by a woman with a cane in the Goat Mountain Gallop in April, too! We did eventually pass her, but only by jogging for a little ways. That blue sign says "Food 1 mile." Can't wait!

Crossing the finish line - walked/jogged 10K in 1 hour 31 minutes! Actually, we were a little faster than that, because we didn't cross the start line right as the starter gun went off. 

Mark and me at the finish line. Whew! Our knees are a little shaky, but we feel great!

Yum! Lots of water, lemonade, fresh fruit for the racers. Plus we got shirts and a cool medal.

We ended at the Estacada Farmer's Market - fun live music, lots of goodies to look at, people chatting after the race.

Thanks, Estacada! We had a great time at the Best Dam Run and Walk 2010!


Dorothy said...

Wow, looks like fun! What a gorgeous day to have the race, too! (I hope you managed to pass the woman with the cane.. :)

Polly said...

Looks like you guys had fun. Nice job!!

Katie said...

Great job! It was fun to see Emily in the pictures too. :)

alee said...

Wahoo! Congrats! There is nothing like that great feeling after finishing a race :) And it is always more fun when you have someone to go with you...yay for Mark!

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