Monday, July 5, 2010

You Can Do It!

Last week I was on a pleasant run with minimal hills when a man--who I guessed to be in his sixties--passed me on a mild incline. I watched him proceed along my planned route, but then he turned and ran up a seriously steep hill. At that point in my run I thought, I'm so glad I'm not running up that hill! But as my day went on, I kept picturing that man conquering that hill. It inspired me. Tomorrow morning I am going to run a hill. I realize it will probably be difficult, but it's all worth it on the way back down. So I found a route on USATF for a hill in my area that has always intimidated me. It is a 2.85 mi. loop and I can't wait to conquer it. So my running tip today is this:
Be inspired and try something challenging!


alee said...

Well, okay then. My runny, out of town and I was going to workout inside so I didn't have to run alone (I HATE that). But I am going to run outside tomorrow by myself thanks to your inspirational post! :)

Katie said...

Ah, definitely sound advice. And I really need to go running this week. Thanks Em!

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