Saturday, July 3, 2010

Kathy Week 27: I'm in love!!

Kathy's Week 27 Stats:
Today's Weight: 139
Last Week's Weight: 140
Starting Weight: 151
Total Weight Loss: 12 pounds

What a change in my eating and exercising this week! I'm in love...

...with my iPod touch!

Last week I was discouraged about my weight re-gain, and I promised to use the the website to record my eating. That lasted for one day. Something about that site is way too complicated for me. 

But then I got to thinking about my iPod touch. I bought it several weeks ago so that my husband and I could coordinate our calendars more easily. I've only gradually been learning to use some of the other apps that are available. I did a little research, and discovered that there was an app for tracking eating and exercise, and it came with great reviews!  And it was free!! Love that price.

If you're starting to tune me out because you don't have an iPhone or and iPod touch, stay with me, because the same program is available free to anyone on line!! It's called, and it's a wonderful website.

I've been using to record every mouthful this week. I love it because it has a huge database of foods, both generic and brand names, so I can type in what I'm eating and it comes up with the nutrition information. I can add my own foods if I want to. It remembers all of it, and when I go to add a food, it brings up the foods I eat most often automatically, which makes it quick and simple.

Back in January, I set a daily calorie goal for myself of 1600 calories per day. The website recommends that a woman of my height and age eat 1200 calories per day to lose weight. Bummer. :( 

But then I realized that I can record my exercise, and it gives me more calories to eat, depending on how much I've exercised. Cool! :)

Guess what? I've been exercising more. Hahaha...I do love to eat. :)

So I started some great exercises from a little booklet that came when I subscribed to Prevention magazine. I'm still going to Curves 3 mornings a week, but in addition to that, I'm doing some moves like these. So far I've been using 5 and 10 pound weights, but next week I go up to 15 pounds on one of the days. Yikes! 

This is a lunge with 10-pound weights.

Here's a chest press with 10-pound weights.

We already had two 5-pound weights, and one 10-pound weight. Starting this exercise regimen meant buying three more weights (one 10-pound, and two 15-pound), but that was half the cost of our yoga classes, which we miss very much now that it's summertime. Can't wait to begin yoga again in the fall.

Here's a core exercise called the Hover. 

If you're interested in doing this Prevention program, just email me at with your mailing address, and I'll send you a copy of the pages from my booklet. I looked for the program on the Prevention website, but I couldn't find it. :(

I really like the way the exercise program is set up - it has strength and cardio training for a 28-day program, with a slightly different workout each day, to keep the metabolism revved. It's not complicated, but it's really making me work! My muscles are sore!

Oh, and one last thing about in the tools section, it has a cool "ticker" which you can customize and add to your own blog, facebook page, etc. Check out mine on my personal blog.

Have a safe and happy holiday weekend (if you're in the U.S.) and let me know how you're doing with your fitness and health goals!


Katie said...

Ok, I'm signing up right now! Although I'm a bit skeptical that it'll be as effective on the computer as it is in your pocket on the ipod. We'll see how this goes. :)

Katie said...

P.S. In the five minutes that I've been poking around on I already like it WAY, WAY, WAY better than So much easier to use, and definitely more helpful.

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