Thursday, July 15, 2010

How to choose what enters your mouth 101

Okay Skinny Readers- I know it is summer and it is hot and we want to be lazy, but this is no time to give up! You can make it!

Now exercise is wonderful; it can do wonders for your body and your attitude. However, if you are really focused on shedding some pounds you have to be conscious of what you are eating. That is why we have food journals, log our meals, etc. right? Because no amount of exercise is going to make you look fantastic if you don't eat smart!

Here are a few tips on how to choose what goes in your mouth:

All calories are not created equal! 200 calories from cake is not the same as 200 calories from a lean protein source and serving of leafy greens. Don't fool yourself by thinking you can just "count your calories" and stop at a certain number...your body needs nourishment!

"Carbs" is not a bad word! Don't try to skip all the carb goodness in this world...that is too cruel! Just realize that there are refined/simple carbohydrates that offer nothing more than calories and then there are unrefined/complex carbs that are full of fiber and B vitamins. Obviously it isn't a good idea to go overboard on anything, but when choosing your carbohydrates, choose complex!

Good foods remember where they came from! If you have no idea where your food has come from, it is probably best not to eat it! Have you ever seen a frosted flake tree? Or a vine that grows donuts? Try to pick foods that looked the same before they got to the store. Also, when picking these better foods, remember that if they haven't seen their homeland recently, they might not be the best choice. Things that have been boiled, processed, canned, and stored on a shelf for months don't have too much nutritional goodness left in them.

Have some good ole' Vitamin C! So, vitamin C is great because it helps to repair tissue, heals our wounds, bolsters our immune system, prevents different kind of diseases like of the eye and heart, and may even protect our skin from wrinkling! Sadly, our bodies can not keep a supply of vitamin can store lots of vitamins and nutrients, but not C! So we need to have at least one serving of it daily; here are some ideas...

Vitamin C Rich Foods
grapefruit or grapefruit juice
orange or orange juice
tomatoes or tomato juice
raw cabbage/cole slaw
red or green pepper
cooked broccoli
cooked cauliflower
cooked kale
raw spinach
(and best of all, all of these foods remember where they came from!)

And remember, every bite counts! Think about each bite you take and ask yourself if it is really the best thing for you to give your body. If it is, go ahead! If it isn't, put it down (better yet, throw it out!) and pick something better for your body. Your body works hard for you each day...take care of it!


Kathy Haynie said...

Good advice, Alex! I appreciate the reminder to include foods rich in Vitamin C every day. I didn't know (or had forgotten) that our bodies don't store this essential nutrient. I also like your advice to eat foods that look like they did when they were growing. Thanks!

Lisa Lou said...

This reminds me of Michael Pollan's books. I like what you said about vitamin c! Thanks for the reminder.

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