Saturday, July 10, 2010

Kathy Week 28: Joy in the Journey

Kathy's Week 28 Stats:
Today's Weight: 137
Last Week's Weight: 139
Starting Weight: 151
Total Weight Loss: 14 pounds

Happy Saturday, Skinny friends! 

This has been a good week for making healthy choices in eating, exercise, and finding joy every day.

Even though we are blessed to have fresh produce available from all over the world, year round, I still love the fresh fruits and veggies of summer. This week I've enjoyed...

Fresh potatoes from my garden!

Mmmm mmmm...steamed with a little butter and salt...what a treat.

More goodness to come...

The blueberries are getting ripe, the zucchini will be ready to start picking later this week, and I just love love love all the different varieties of lettuce I can grow in the garden.

I'm still using the great free calorie-tracking tools at, and I'm still doing my workout from Prevention magazine every week. (A few photos and my offer to mail the program to you free: here.)

Which brings me to the point I want to make today: no matter what we're doing for fitness and health, we might as well have fun while we're doing it! I loved Alex's post about jogging in a hurricane, and the way she was laughing all the way. 

This is Week 2 of my Prevention strength-training program, and it's been so much more fun now that my husband Mark has joined in! Mark has always had more muscle strength than me, so I didn't know if he would completely outdo me with the weights. I badgered him a little, and he started in with me on Monday. Yes, he can do some of the exercises better than I can, but on some of the others, he whines way more than I do! Hahaha!! I love it when he complains about how sore he is...and I'm not hurting!!

(And here's something I keep asking myself: why is it that Katie and I weigh about the same now, but she can fit into those cute size 10 jeans, while I'm still wearing 12s or 14s? I guess they don't call it middle age for nothing, right?? Hahaha!!)

But no matter what size jeans any of us wear, we can...and should...still have fun in our lives. This past week Mark and I hiked to a beautiful little lake with our camping gear and had so much fun playing for a couple of days.
Here we are with our loaded backpacks. (Mine weighs about 37 pounds; his is about 40 pounds.)

Mt. Hood towering above Mirror Lake.

Heading out for a day hike to the ridge behind me. Bear grass in bloom--isn't it pretty? And from the top of the ridge, we could see all the way to Mt. Rainier (by Seattle) 200 miles to the north, and Mt. Jefferson 140 miles south. Amazing!

Packing up the gear in our little campsite - time to head home again!

What are you doing to have fun and laugh today? Whatever your day holds, I hope you'll find...or along the way. Have a great week!


Polly said...

Ah, yes. We miss the blueberries...

Carou said...

Thanks so much for the tip on the fitness pal. I've used it faithfully this week and it is really helping me! Love your emphasis on health and how you choose to see the joy in the journey.

emmalou said...

Eric and I caught up on housework today. It was some sweaty work, but we had a good time and were very pleased with the result. Your garden looks great. Isn't it so great that summer has come to Oregon?

alee said...

Isn't that the truth of life...taking joy in the journey? If only we all did enjoy things a bit more instead of worrying or trying to change them! :) Good reminder!

And your garden looks great...I am so excited to have a garden someday!

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