Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Katie: Week 30

Good news!...

Current weight: 136 pounds
Last week's weight: 138 pounds
Total weight loss: 34 pounds (Yay!)

Hooray for continued progress!

Well, I must admit that I have not been up on reading all the great things everyone else has been posting lately.  For whatever reason, I have been super into working on Christmas gifts this past week or so and yesterday it was a fairly intense little elf workshop around here.  I plan to do more of the same today, so this will be short.

Basically, MyFitnessPal is working like a charm for me.  I had always turned up my nose before when it came to counting calories, but the truth is--it works.  In the same way that keeping a food journal works, but better.  Anyway, I've already beat this with a dead horse in previous posts, so... yeah. 

Not much else going on around here.  It's hot!  So we've been going to the mall to go walking lately.  Anyway, I really don't have anything very exciting to share other than the fact that I lost 2 pounds since last week.  So I'm done.  Happy Tuesday!


Polly said...

Way to go Katie! Two whole pounds!

Kathy Haynie said...

Good job Katie - that is great progress! I am so proud of you.

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