Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Katie: Week 27

Good news!...

Current weight: 140 pounds
Last week's weight: 141 pounds
Total weight loss: 30 pounds!! (again)  :)

Well, I feel like I'm back on track.  Hooray!  Let's hope I'll stay on track this time.

A few things I've done this past week to help meet my goals?

First off I've been having a hard time (still kind of am) fitting in two servings of veggies every day so, I finally did what Alex has been telling me to do for years.
I bought a big thing of celery (or whatever healthy food it is you want to have on hand) and cut it up as soon as I got home from the grocery store so it was in ready-to-eat pieces.  Alex also puts her cut up veggies in baggies so they're easy to grab and take with you to work or school or whatever, but I just put mine in this tupperware since I don't have to head off to work or school.

For better or worse (and I'm pretty sure it's for worse) I still kind of have a childish relationship with celery and I prefer it with some crunchy peanut butter.

I'm pretty sure this far outweighs whatever benefits I might be getting from the celery, but--hey--you've gotta start somewhere, right?  Better to at least eat celery with peanut butter than to just eat peanut butter with something else that's not so healthy.  And, actually, I got kind of sick of the peanut butter toward the end of my little snack, so I haven't been tempted to do it again.  Although the celery does taste quite satisfying with some roasted red pepper hummus.  Yummm.  (Is that any healthier?)

Secondly, it's been hot out.
 Really hot out.  Hotter than the temp was when I took this picture.  So what have I been wanting to eat all day?  Ice cream.  I want ice cream.  All the time.  All kinds.  But we're holding strong on our no treats rule, so I haven't been eating ice cream.  I'll have a little no fat fruit sorbet every now and then and it's nice and cold, but it's just not creamy and soothing like ice cream is.

And here I would like to, once again, credit this appetite for bad things curbing method to Alex, who has, once again, been telling me to do this for years.  (Yeah, it's not really any mystery why she's so much skinnier.)  Instead of ice cream, I've been eating sliced up bananas with fat free whipped cream.  Yum.  (Sorry, I swear I took a picture of this, but now I can't find it.)  Fulfills my "1 serving of fruit each day" goal and my ice cream craving.  Oh, and guess how many calories 2 tablespoons of fat free whipped cream is?  20.  20 calories.  Hello!  So sometimes I have this treat even twice a day.  And do I feel guilty about it?  Not.  A.  Bit.

Oh, and I think you all know by now not to consistently count on pictures of me since I'm a total space case about it, but here are a few pictures of me from this past week.  Taken by me.  With the timer on the camera.  So... yeah.
I know, I know, tinyheadwaterbed.  As usual.

Here's me in my new favorite size 8 jeans.  Love them.

And a weird picture (again: self timer) of me wearing my new comfy, bright, fun, light, size medium shirt.  Awesome.

So, my goals I'm going to focus on for this week:

-at least 50 crunches every day
-go on a walk or run every day
-eat at least 2 servings of veggies every day
-eat at least 1 serving of fruit every day
-no treats!  (Although I'm not putting this on my chart because I don't really struggle with this enough that I feel the need to check it off.)

Also, I've been thinking a lot about adding a water goal for myself again (as in drinking more water), but I hate having to keep track of how much I drink.  And now that it's hot out I find myself dumping out the water in my water bottle and filling it back up with cold water multiple times a day, so it would be even more of a pain to keep track of.  Any ideas?

Oh, and I don't think I ever showed you a picture of my beloved yoga ball, so here it is.  It's a 75cm Reebok brand ball.  I'm not wild about the bright green color, but it only cost about $17 with tax which is by far the cheapest I've seen anywhere, including online.  I bought mine at our local ShopKo.  So... there you go.

Happy Summer Everyone!


Anonymous said...

you should try putting your bananas in the freezer for a while then eat them with the fat free whip cream. It will be really creamy!

Lisa Lou said...

I love that shirt! Also, I love the idea of bananas and fat free whipped topping. I may have to try that with berries.

Kathy Haynie said...

What's with the scooter picture at the end?

Yes, hummus is WAAAY healthier than peanut butter. It's made from beans instead of nuts - way lower in fat. Maybe it even counts as a veggie? In any case, it's a lot healthier.

Love the photos! Thanks for an inspiring post.

Check out my Saturday post for an idea about tracking water.

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