Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kathy Week 26: It Ain't Pretty

Kathy's Week 26 Stats:
Today's Weight: 140
Last Week's Weight: 139
Starting Weight: 151
Total Weight Loss: 11 pounds

The Bad News:
I have regained another pound. 
Had a week of teacher training = mostly sitting. 
Too many snacks. 
My refrigerator is out of control, crammed with 2 households' worth of food.
Not enough exercise.

I admit I was feeling kinda cocky when I hit 136 in early June. Figured I had this weight-loss thing down, could relax a little here and there. Then we had a wedding. And the stress of the end-of-the-school-year. And the transition of my daughter, son-in-law, and their 4 children moving out after living here for 18 months. 

Too many naughty foods, not enough (self) control when making eating choices.

And you see where it has landed me. "Hello, my name is Kathy, and I love to eat..."

But there is some Good News:
During the teacher training last week, I spent the week sitting next to Evelyn, the Foods teacher from my high school. (Back in the day we used to call them Home Ec teachers.) Evelyn was working on an amazing unit for her classes, to help teens make healthier food choices, and she was basing her lessons on our old friends, the tools at

I was supposed to be on hand to help her infuse more writing into her lessons, so she kept checking in with me about the different steps of her lesson, and the more she showed me just how cool this website is, the more I could see how it was going to help me get back on track. 

I weighed 139 all week, until yesterday morning. After a week of mostly sitting, and snacking on the yummy little foods they kept putting out in front of us (which I kept munching on because so much sitting, even next to a wonderful partner like Evelyn, had me yaaaawwwwnnnniiiinnnngggg big time in the afternoons) the big 1-4-0 has come back to haunt me.

SO: I am registered on I am set to use the tools. I am going to enter every single mouthful this week into the tools at, and I am going to regain (self) control of the decisions I make about what goes into my mouth.

I am not going to sit all week! I am going to be physically active every single day.

I am cleaning out the fridge today, and making a menu plan for the week, and shopping for delicious healthy ingredients to help me stay on track.

I'd write more, but...I have lots to do! See you next week!


Polly said...

Hang in there, Mom! You'll be able to get back into a summer routine soon.

Katie said...

Good luck! I really liked the way that using the MyPyramid tools helped me stay on track, but the registration doesn't work if you're breastfeeding, so maybe once I'm done with that in a few months then I'll give it a try again. I hope it helps! Have a fun Saturday!

emmalou said...

Kathy, you are still doing great. These little bumps happen, but you always prove that you can overcome them. Your determination is inspiring. Way to go!

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