Saturday, June 19, 2010

Kathy Week 25: Uphill Battle

Kathy's Week 25 Stats:
Today's Weight: 139
Last Week's Weight: 137
Starting Weight: 151
Total Weight Loss: 12 pounds

This is not going in the right direction. I have gained 3 pounds since Week 23. Ugh. 

What is going on? My workouts in the gym in the mornings are getting sooooo sluggish. I don't feel strong and wonderful anymore.

Is it all the rain? Maybe that's part of it. I usually have a pretty perky attitude about Oregon's drippy days, but this spring is starting to seriously get on my nerves. 

A few other things that have happened recently, or are still going on...

1. A daughter's wedding 2 weeks ago. Wonderful and happy, but a certain amount of stress, of course. And some naughty leftovers that I confess...well, they're gone now.

2. The end of my regular school year on Monday. Slightly stressful because we had to cram the last week into 3 days due to budget cuts, and then people bring in treats to the staff room. I did resist some of them...

3. Another daughter and her family moving out of my home. This is happy news, of course, for me and my daughter, but it's still chaotic in the midst of the moving. And while I am happy that my son-in-law now has a job after being unemployed for six months, and while I am thrilled for my daughter and family to have their own home again, and while I can't wait to have my house back, I am mourning at the same time because they are moving clear across the country. Beloved grandchildren, long distance grandma...enough said.

All those stressors, plus the weather, and I'm just not myself. I suppose it's nothing that a few days of sunshine and some "down time" can't fix. 

Meanwhile, remember last week's 43 Things? Here's how I'm doing so far:

1. I bought permits for Mark and me to hike Mount St. Helens on August 24.
2. Mark and I have penciled in a week of backpacking 16-21.
3. We are scheduled to camp at Sparks Lake August 9-13, so I should be able to attempt my swim then.
4. I've written 34 pages of my thesis so far.
5. I've started to play with the calendar on my iPod (hard to let go of paper/pencil...)
6. I did a mini yoga workout last night because my back was's better this morning.
7. We roasted marshmallows in the backyard last week with grandkids.
8. I played around with taking pictures of myself last week.
9. And even though it's not on my 43 Things, I also registered Mark and me for the Best Dam Run in September.

Finally...sorry, but no updated pictures of me this week. It would be boring. I look just the same, except that I do have a new summer haircut that I like. Maybe I'll post a photo next week. Today I'm just...not in the mood. 

Dear Skinny readers, if you have any tips on how to get out of a middle-aged weight-loss slump, I would love to hear them.

And if you're having sunshine, please send some my way! 

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Polly said...

Hang in there, Mom! Better weather will be coming soon and then you'll be able to do all sorts of yard work, moving furniture around, putting things back in order, going for hikes, etc that will help you burn off extra pounds.

Love you!

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