Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Katie: Week 25

Sorry I'm so late!

Current weight: 141 pounds
Last week's weight: 141 pounds
Total weight loss: 29 pounds

Me and Lisa before the race

Well, sorry I'm posting so late.  As you can see, there's nothing much exciting to report as far as weight loss goes.  However, I do have some (somewhat) exciting news and that is that Bryan and I have decided not to eat treats anymore for a while.  Basically, on Saturday night (after we had eaten waaaay too many treats that day) Bryan said he was thinking of giving up treats until he could fit into his wedding suit again/get down to 150 lbs.  (Hint: He's already not very far from his goal.  Am I a little jealous?  Yes.  Yes I am.)  But we decided we'd give up treats together and that neither of us would eat treats again until Bryan weighed 150 lbs/fit into his wedding suit again AND I got down to 125 lbs.  It's already been great to not be the only one to decline treats.  It's nice to have someone else around to tell people, "Oh, that looks really good, but no thanks.  We're trying to not eat treats."  If you've ever had to say that over and over for months and months then you know what a relief it is to have some back up and not always have to be the one to say it.  Although I will be totally honest here and tell you all that my birthday is on Sunday and I totally plan to eat birthday treats.  After all, you only turn 24 once.  So there.  And I'm sure we'll make other occasional exceptions for other things too, but in general we will be treat free until we BOTH reach our goals.  Bryan's always been super supportive of me trying to meet my weight loss and health goals, but it's even better having him on board in this way too.

 Bryan and the big O on the sidelines waiting for the race to start

 Everybody waiting around for the 5K to start

 Me and Sarah before the race

Oh!  And I'm sure you're all wondering how the 5K went on Saturday.  Well, it went great.  Although we didn't make great time.  Sarah (my running buddy) had the flu and was throwing up the day before.  She was a trooper and participated anyway, but we didn't run very much of the race due to her feeling like she was about to puke most of the time.  I could tell she was feeling pretty miserable through most of the race and I'm super proud of her for sticking with it.  We power walked most of the way and kept up a pretty good pace.  And we definitely weren't last!  Hooray!  Then once we could see the finish line we ran the last little way.  Bryan got a great picture of us running on our way in to the finish line.

 Sarah and me running in to the finish line

Lisa ran the 5K with us too.  Although she was a lot faster than we were.  Haha.  Here's Lisa on her way in to the finish line.  She came in waaaay before us.  See her up ahead in her white t-shirt?  Way to go Lisa!

Lisa on her way in to the finish line

Here are Sarah and me after the race, eating our post-race carbs (free pizza from Little Caesars--whoop whoop!).  Nothing like eating junk right after you exercise.  (Ha!)  Also, please note that Sarah and I were numbers 194 and 195.  :)

Sarah and me after the race

Overall, I'd say it was a great experience.  I definitely plan to participate in another 5K again in the future and try to actually run most of it.  But, for this time around, it was mostly just fun to do it with a friend.  :)


Kathy Haynie said...

Hooray for your race, and your super-supportive darling husband! Actually, I feel certain that Little Miss O will join right in with you and her daddy in declining treats - what a great family effort!

Congrats to Sarah and Lisa too!

alee said...

Congratulations! First one down! :) My first one was terrible...so I can tell you they only get better from here!

Where exactly was the run/course?

I'm proud of you :)

Erin said...

I looked around for you at the race, but to no avail! I'm glad you had fun, I did too, and I blogged about it too. We are twins. Also we weigh the same.

Lindsay said...

Excellent :) You know, it's quite lame that I have never ran a 5k. Sheesh. I won't say inspired, but you've got me thinking-maybe I should try to run on too.

Greg said...

Way to go, Katie and Lisa! I love the picture of both of you together!
Guess what the new background picture is on our computer?
Oh, and this is Trish.

ali said...


you and lisa look great!

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