Monday, May 30, 2011

Kathy Week 74: Maintaining during a tough week

I promised myself that if I could just maintain (138 lb) last week, I would be happy. I knew it would be a week with almost zero exercise and strange eating schedules. Mark and I were in the high school play, The Hobbit both elves - you can see pictures here - which meant that there wasn't time to go to yoga class, or go running, and we had to cram meals into almost no time at all.

Plus we had company coming into town at the end of the week! Lots of opportunities to get off track, but I am happy to report that I still weigh 138 today. I recorded calories all week on the website, and I was committed to plan ahead for shopping/meal planning, so we did not eat any fast food all week. (I made an extra batch of last week's quiche recipe, and we bought some frozen meals in the health food section at the grocery store.)

We have some beautiful weather today, so I'm headed out to work in the garden! Have a wonderful, skinny week!

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