Saturday, May 7, 2011

Kathy Week 71: Balega Socks ROCK!

I. Am. In. Love.

One of my coworkers gave me a pair of Balega running socks. (Thanks, Laura J!) She blathered on about how wonderful these socks are, how much I would love them.

I was skeptical, but she was right.

I put them on this morning before a quick run, and I kid you not, I could not believe how they felt. They molded softly to my foot. They felt so amazingly wonderful that I forgot I had them on.

I hate to admit it, but they were just what I needed. Ummm, have you noticed that I haven't posted for three weeks? Perhaps you thought to yourself, "Oh, she's probably too busy out running to take time to post..."

Not. More like too-busy-traveling-and-hosting-house-guests-and-stuffing-myself-like-crazy-with-all-kinds-of-naughty-food, and therefore feeling too guilty to post.

The scale showed, it too, with a couple of (yikes!) blips up to 139.

This morning, hooray, it was back to 137. And we are almost finished with the current round of craziness to our schedule. I love visiting family, and having them come visit, but it is so much more difficult--at least for me--to stay on track when there are so many "special" events going on. Anyone else out there have a hard time with that scenario?

Anyway, I haven't been out running for three weeks. It seems like every day I don't run makes it more difficult to convince myself to go out for a run the next day. And so I am in love with my new Balega socks. After three weeks of almost-zero exercise, I was short of breath, but my feet felt great. I wanted to run! Anything that can pump up my motivation is a plus in my book.

I checked online and found lots of info about Balega socks--just google the brand name, and you'll get lots of hits. They come from a small company in South Africa. The name means "to run with speed" in Zulu - how cool is that? I found the best online prices here and here. The pair I have are the "women's Enduro sports," and you can pick them up for about $6.50 per pair.

Why not indulge yourself? They feel so good on your feet! Treat yourself to a Mother's Day gift that keeps on giving--happy feet while you exercise. And speaking of happy feet, I'm going to treat myself to a manicure tonight before I go to bed. It's my Mother's Day gift to me...along with a good run this morning in some amazing socks.

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